Album Review: Birds In Row – “We Already Lost the World” 9/10 (Post Hardcore)

Written by Carcassbomb

  • Birds In Row
  • We Already Lost The World
  • Hardcore/Post-hardcore
  • France
  • 2018
  • 9/10


Birds In Row are one of my favorite hardcore bands so I’ve been looking forward to their 2018 release. It’s dark and emotive but it won’t shy away from throwing a brick in your face. We Already Lost The World is still angry and full of energy, some nervous. The vibe of this album is as much hopelessness than your average doom metal band and as much noise as your average death metal band – even going into heavier vocal territory than what is common for straight up hardcore.

A volatile trio, Birds In Row throw themselves into their music with everything they have. They put out some heavy beats, screaming vocals but then they also have a calmer side, a post-hardcore side. While they do have parts with clean vocals I still hesitate to put them in that basket of music that is more known for its flamboyance and melody. We Already Lost The World has its tender moments but it never takes the focus and it almost always builds up into the next sonic outburst. It lacks the facetious nature of post-hardcore, this is something raw and authentic.

A lot of the time when I hear the frenzied and frustrated vocals on this album I can’t help but get caught up in relatable scenarios in my head. It’s a palpable feeling carried across sound waves and the messages hit hard. It has the lyrical presence of La Dispute delivered in the rolling riffs of Defeater with an added dose of power violence. It embodies the thing I’ve always found alluring about hardcore music, how when done right, it can relate to you in so many layers. Vocally, lyrically and instrumentally. Then again as a whole crushing unit.

The rhythm of the songs vary wildly and don’t always follow what makes the most logical sense. It will throw you through a loop and express what it wants to express, not necessarily what it is supposed to express. To the uninitiated it may even just sound like an odd assortment of noise. For anyone familiar with heavier music, it should come as a wrapped gift for you to unravel track by track with each new song consisting of a new toy to comprehend. Even the tracks that dare to verge on 90’s indie never disappoint. It adds a vibe to the songs that just isn’t present anywhere else right now. It’s unpredictable and will flip the table with no warning.

If you dislike hardcore but still claim to enjoy heavy music, then I think you need to readjust your perspective and get some of this album into your mind’s hard drive. There’s so much here to appreciate and admire. It’s heavy in its sound AND in its emotion. Two things that go hand in hand very well and make up a huge aspect of hardcore. Birds In Row are an exceptional example to start with.


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