Australian Heavypedia: Warrior Within Interview

Warrior Within are a thrash metal band from Queensland, specifically the Sunshine Coast, where the good beaches are. Like many classic thrash bands in Australia, Warrior Within formed in the 90s by two brothers. The band has gained new members since 2016 and 2017 leading to the recording of several EPs which can be heard below. If you dig the old school speedy thrash sound with a positive message refined over decades, then give this lot a go and show some support.


Who are you and what part of Australia are you from?

Warrior Within, Thrash/Speed Metal from Sunshine coast Australia.

What is the current release out and how would you describe it?

In Light Act II is our latest release. A combination of Thrash, Speed metal & Crossover that leaves you wanting more. But that’s my opinion & I am biased.

Do you have a release coming up in the near future?

We just released In Light Act II before the international lock down.

Who are your biggest influences?

Man there are so many, from Jethro Tull to Morgoth, however if you were to narrow down influences that you could say we sound like, you could say Maiden, Sabbat, Skyclad, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Dark Angel, Slayer, Sepultura, Suicidal Tendencies.

Have you played live or toured much?

We have been playing an average of one gig a month for the past 2 years. We were on our East Coast In Darkness In Light tour when the lock down happened. The remaining shows have been postponed. We are really looking forward to playing the rest of these shows, when venues start up again.

Is there something unique to your state’s scene compared to other states in the country?

I think QLD – Brisbane has a good mix of many genres of metal. However there are a lot of metal-death core inspired metal bands in Brisbane.

Who are some of your peers in the scene?

Lord is an epic band that we admire for their music and their international success.

What’s the best and worst gig experience you’ve had?

Best, having the crowd really getting into our set so much they were banging & shaking the barricades & then screaming for encore.

Worst, Having the plug pulled on our set due to a punter lighting a cigarette in the pit & then refusing to leave the building in peace.

Worst management call we have ever seen at a venue.

What are some major lyric influences and how is that side of the process completed for the album?

Sometimes the lyrics come whilst writing the music. However most of the time the lyric ideas come from all areas of like before we write the music. Then when we have the music down, we apply the lyric ideas to the music.

Bands are often given a lot of advice online and through experience, what’s a piece of advice that really helped your band?

Believe in yourself & your sound.

How has COVID affected your plans and what are some things you’re doing as a band to stay afloat while shows are down?

It postponed our tour. We have been promoting the band via social media more than ever. However we have taken the opportunity to have a rest from the band as we have been going full pace for more than 2 years. It’s been great to catch with other areas of our lives. But its time now to get the Warrior tribe back into action.

Does the band have any affiliation with charities?

We have worked with Surfrider Foundation Australia in the past; they protect the coastal regions of Australia. We will be working with them and other charities in the future.

How do you feel about the current state of your genre?

Thrash metal is pretty healthy at the moment. There are alot of metal genres out there today. It’s good to see that there is a good demand for traditional metal.

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