Aussie Metalhead Angry At Australian Media

Written by Carcassbomb

In the wake up the Black Lives Matter protests in the US and all around the world, Australia held its own protests both in solidarity, and to seek justice for the consistently discriminated indigenous people of Australia. Racial politics aside, I’m taking a look at the Australian media’s response to it because no matter which side you stand for, this media monopoly and discrimination is insane. If I happen to highlight how racist Australia is along the way… well that is inevitable and an inalienable fact. For this my sources are some Australian media outlets but most of the sources are from the internet, where videos are harder to leave out of the news, as well as Friendlyjordies, pretty much the only Australian Politics major worth listening to – who can only exist because of having his own platform independent of Australia’s media monopoly.

The Australian media’s number one tactic is to use the Covid pandemic in order to demonise the BLM movement. This is a popular narrative for the Australian people and such headlines have successfully skewed the majority opinion against any such movements.

Here’s some context for Australia and Covid:

The mega malls have been open and packed for at least a month before the protests. Australia was among the least affected but not because of our leadership, it was because of natural geographical barriers (And even so we ended up being like 11 behind NZ who have the same barriers). Our government did not react quickly, we were among the last countries to close our borders. In fact, the QLD premiere allowed a Covid ridden cruise ship to dock DURING lockdown. Not only that but… during Covid and just before BLM, the Liberal government (Not the same as US liberal: The Liberal Party of Australia is a major centre-right political party in Australia, one of the two major parties in Australian politics) made the biggest accounting error in Australian history at 60 billion dollars. The attempt to demonise BLM is also a convenient way to use Australia’s inherit racist outrage to cover up these incompetent and profit fueled decisions.

This isn’t speculation, it’s well documented but by using the media to race bait they have regained some popularity. Popularity that was lost from the preventable bushfires that devastated Australia while our PM was on holiday and organising the construction of stadiums after slashing the emergency response budget. This government is also in very tight terms with Rupert Murdoch and mining companies, as a result we have a media monopoly intended to skew elections. Here’s a look at some of our countries corporate overlords.

“For the 2015–2016 financial year, the top ten disclosed donors to the Liberal Party were: Paul Marks (Nimrod resources) ($1,300,000), Pratt Holdings ($790,000), Hong Kong Kingson Investment Company ($710,000), Aus Gold Mining Group ($410,000), Village Roadshow ($325,000), Waratah Group ($300,000), Walker Corporation ($225,000), Australian Gypsum Industries ($196,000), National Automotive Leasing and Salary Packaging Association ($177,000) and Westfield Corporation ($150,000).[70][71]

The Liberal Party also receives undisclosed funding through several methods, such as “associated entities”.”

Onto the news articles!

“Not my kind of cause” – our authorities on on BLM, showing bias reasons for cancellation.
Police taking aboriginal organisers to court for speaking out against police, after hosting an event legalised by the police.

So, ahead of the first protest the court banned the protest, then right before the protest they gave it the green light. The police themselves said that it was a lawful protest and that they were giving it the ok. They have emails documenting how the protest was lawful according to the filling of forms as per process. Individual officers are then trying to say they did not allow for the protest and wouldn’t. Which leads us to the Sydney police pepper spraying protesters in an enclosed train station. The official story is that people were being violent about getting home on trains, however there’s so much footage showing that the police forced them into the station. Either way, many innocent people were pepper sprayed at point blank. The video of the police using the military tactic of “kettling” can be found here.

This article has heaps of images of the event and aftermath

The Sydney police illegally acted against protesters. If what they say is true about violent individuals then why are they enthusiastically spraying everyone in sight? A police force that just tried to make the protest illegal in the courts and failed? The same police force that said “Not my kind of cause” and tried to take the aboriginals to court for speaking out? Fuck these cunts. If it was a white lives matter protest you bet this wouldn’t happen. They’re all white ass cops, same as I saw in Brisbane. Inherent bias is all over this.

Fast forward a few days:

WOW look at that headline. Victoria had 8 new cases but the ONE from the protest with 10,000s of people makes the headline. This isn’t journalism, this is following orders. This is further bias that singles out an anti-racist, anti-police movement in order to demonise it. What are the other 7 connected to? The fact that all our mega malls have been opened and packed for over a month? Mismanagement by retirement home staff? I do not trust these numbers full stop, they only exist for this narrative right now, this is as blatant as it can get. Look at the comments on any of the posts and articles I’ve shown and you’ll see SO many people regurgitating the Covid media narrative to express their contempt for the protest. This country is brainwashed and the media is compromised.

Last one because I need to get the fuck away from any Australian news right now.

“Mass rally makes mockery of Covid-19 Restrictions”? What’s wrong with “Black Lives Matter Protest makes mockery…”? Would naming the actual event taking place not sit as well because this is clearly targeting one aspect of our post lockdown activities that happens to be criticizing the government? Against, the mega malls (Remember Westfield contributed to the current government’s election budget and own many mega malls in this country) which were opened and jam packed with people, before restaurants and pubs were allowed to open to far less crowds? I guess small business isn’t a priority. The hypocrisy and selective use of numbers “50 at funerals.. etc” is more blatant targeting and bias. “5000 at North Lakes Shopping center” would probably make the 30, 000 look too small. Meanwhile the actual news relating to a shift in our government, (hopefully) ousting Annastacia “Koala Killer” Palaszczuk because of her shit poor job of doing anything except killing wildlife to build stadiums, but even then it tries to spin it with “high profile” position. No shit, she’s a premiere and it doesn’t mean anything to call it high profile.

All this only scratches the surface. I’m tired of living under a capitalist political party. The government are crooks mate, and they’ve made the average Australian their parrot.

Here’s bonus videos:

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