Album Review: Torchia – The Coven 7.8 (Melo Death)

Written by Zax

  • Torchia
  • The Coven
  • Melodic Death Metal
  • Tampere, Finland
  • March 27, 2020
  • 7.8/10

2020 has been a very rough year for just about everyone, but for what it’s worth, we’ve seen some absolutely stellar tunes this year to get us through it. The new Torchia album is no exception, this absolute is an absolute blast all the way through. The Finnish melodic death metal unit is coming out guns blazing on this new record!

Melodic death metal encompasses a lot of misfit subgenres, kind of in the same vein as post-hardcore, so i never really know what I’m getting into with a melodeath record. These guys, despite the potent melodies that pop up here and there, are very heavy, but not in the traditional barbaric fashion of death metal. As opposed to chainsaw esque riffs and rough production, these guys bring to the table massive riffs and amazing lead work.

I mean it when I say amazing too, it’s not so much tech death as it is just face melting shredding. If there’s one thing on this album you should take the time to listen for, it is definitely that, cause goddamn Ville Riitamaa gives us one hell of a performance here on lead guitar!

That lead work does not come at the expense of great riffage though, songs like “Plague Peasant” (timely) have some deep, thudding, groovy ass riffs. Edward Torchia on vocals utilizes these deep rich gutturals and powerful nasty mids. He reminds me a bit of Lee Wollenschlaeger, the most recent Malevolent Creation vocalist, and believe me that’s a huge compliment, as their last album hit my top 10 of 2019.

Torchia: Bandcamp / Spotify / Facebook / Instagram

The overall mood and atmosphere of the record is dark and foreboding, almost cold in places. It reminds me of the atmosphere on that last Nailed To Obscurity record, which again is a huge compliment because that record also made my top 10 last year, are you noticing a pattern here?

Needless to say, this record absolutely rules. Do yourself a favor and give this record a listen!


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