Album Review: Katalepsy – Terra Mortuus Est 8 (Brutal Death)

Katalepsy is one of those bigger names that I never really listened to, so when I saw I had a promo for their newest record, I was excited to dig in! They started out as a slam band, and would later become a brutal death metal/groove metal band, which it turns out is a badass combination, cause this record fucking wrecks!

Artwork by W. Smerdulak

They remind me of bands like Aborted and Dying Fetus with hints of Necrophagist thrown in the mix, because the band definitely has a technical edge to them. All of those bands are amazing, so you can only imagine a combination of the three would be a damn fine piece of metal. If that comparison isn’t enough to make you want to listen to this, perhaps the menacing artwork from seasoned metal artist W. Smerdulak will?

This production on this album is rock solid and loud as hell, with every passing riff I feel like I’m having a brick thrown at my face, which is pretty fucking awesome, man. These riffs come with wild lashes of shredding lead guitars that slice through the mix like a butcher knife. The guitar work on this record is not something to be fucked with.

It’s a very groovy album that makes it impossible to keep your head still, and there’s some breakdowns tossed in there that make for some great throwdowns. The vocals are just as crushing as the music, with very clear and punishing gutturals.

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The last track, “Land of Million Crosses” picks up some more grandiose elements musically and some clean vocals. This track ends the album in a fantastic manner and wraps everything up nicely.

Terra Mortuus Est is heavy as fuck, and it’s a must listen for 2020. I wasn’t familiar with them before, but I can definitely call myself a fan now! Don’t miss it, out July 31st.


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