Album Review: Aeon – “God Ends Here” (Death Metal)

Written by Zax

  • Aeon “God Ends Here”
  • Death Metal from Sweden
  • Released through Metal Blade Records on October 15th, 2021

When discussing the best modern death metal, I don’t hear Aeon’s name pop up nearly as often as it should, and as I was listening to this new record and rekindling my love for their previous ones, I couldn’t help but wonder why that might be. These guys can craft a groovy, hard-hitting riff like nobody else; they just generally release some of the most kickass, straight up death metal out there, but they don’t release it very often.

Yeah, this is their first release in nearly 10 years. I don’t follow them very closely, so I couldn’t tell you why that is, but the question now is, will this new record put their name back in the conversation?

I really can’t see why it wouldn’t, this is everything I want out of an Aeon record and more. The mix is thick and solid as concrete, which drives those fantastic riffs home. The guitar tone is deep and menacing, and the whole record is anchored by these immense, unforgiving bass lines. There’s also a fair few ripping solos up this record’s sleeve as well.

Artwork by Paolo Girardi

The vocals are nasty as hell, nice cavernous guttural growls. Lyrically they don’t really do anything special, but anti-christianity and killing folks certainly sets the mood. There’s a flaming, apocalyptic, and almost triumphant atmosphere to the record that’s accentuated by the five interludes, which might sound excessive, but they’re very effective in fleshing out the listening experience.

This record was worth the wait my friends. It’s a bit meat and potatoes, but like, it’s some good ass meat and potatoes. These guys delivered some of the most solid death metal of 2021. Throw some respect on their name.

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