Album Review: Wormhole – The Weakest Among Us (Deathcore)

Written by contributor James

  • Wormhole
  • The Weakest Among Us
  • Tech Slam – Deathcore
  • Maryland, USA
  • January 14th, 2020

Wormhole are a four piece technical death/slam band coming out of Baltimore.  Formed in 2015, the band have released one full length album with the second to be released early next year. At the heart of the band is the familial craftsmanship of the Kumar brothers, who along with the remaining members consist of live performers from bands such as Vulvodynia, Cognitive and Vale Of Pnath just to name a few. You can judge the full experience for yourself on the 14th of January via Lacerated Enemy Records.

Artwork by Lordigan (Ingested, The Ritual Aura)

There is no foreplay in their upcoming album, The Weakest Among us.  You are hit hard with blast beats from the first second of the album’s opening titular track.  Beats provided solely by drummer Matt Tillett with the absence of the bass player, yet he makes up for it.  The brutality is broken up with some power metal guitar riffs from the Kumar brothers that gives you some sense of melody in between Anshuman Goswami’s pig squeals.  This sets the tone for the entire album as well as the bands repeated formula.

The lyrics “Open up, it’s time for the pill” leads us into track two, “rA9/myth”.  The heavy riffs and slam beats drag us through the next two-and-a-half minutes before we get a break to rest our necks in track three, “D-S3”, which is full of more melodic power riffs.  The formula Wormhole has created definitely works for them, as each song doesn’t stray and still holds interest for the 28 minute album.

Wormhole: Bandcamp / Facebook

The lyrical themes are easily given away in the cover work of the album.  For all you video game lovers out there you can make out Metroid (or a character that looks very similar) on the cover fighting a giant alien on some distant desolate planet.  The sci-fi theme is there, even though the vocal squeals mean the keenest of aliencore listener needs to pay close attention to hear the tale.

While The Weakest Among Us doesn’t offer anything new to the genre, it is still a solid album. With the rest of the tracks following their bone crushing blasts and their face melting guitar solos formula, the album is worth a listen to any fan of aliens and deathcore. 

FFO: Pathology and Vulvodynia

Pre-order for a whole bunch of merch can be found on the Bandcamp page.

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