2019 Albums

Album Review: Consummation – The Great Solar Hunter 10 (Black Metal)

Brisbane has some great black metal and Consummation is a strong bit of evidence for that. They have such a dark style that sounds like a presence in constant pursuit. It can catch you off guard if you have a tendency to zone out, it forces you back with glorious momentous metal that would be a crime to not acknowledge with a facial expression somewhere between surprise and smelling shit. Seriously, this is really good black metal. They’ve managed to well exceed to expectations I had from hearing their previous EP, Ritual Severance on tape recently.  […]

Live Metal

Live Shots: Dirty Brew

Dirty Brew are a great fucking time. I’ve seen them twice this year and I’ve enjoyed it more each time. They play a smartass brand of southern rock that they sometimes infuse with a metal or even doom edge. I’ve seen them play the same song different ways and hopefully I’ll see them more soon […]

Live Metal

Live Shots: Terror Parade

Terror Parade put on a hell of a show, very much in the spirit of Marilyn MAnson or Rammstein. Musically they have quite a variety from hard rock to punk to metal. The vocalist has a strong stage presence as well as an impressive versatile voice. […]