Album Review: Lorna Shore – “…And I Return To Nothingness” 8 (Deathcore)

Man, my history with this band is dicey to say the least. I never thought their first vocalist Tom Barber was a good fit for them (despite him being directly responsible for the only good Chelsea Grin record) and I always found the instrumentals to be decent enough but fairly rudimentary. In 2018, Tom Barber left Lorna Shore and was replaced by CJ McCreery. I was previously a fan of CJ’s, so you’d think this could be where things turn around for them, right? Wrong. Literal weeks before the release of their album Immortal in early 2020, it was revealed that CJ was a scumbag predator. He was immediately kicked from the band, but myself and many others boycotted the record to avoid giving CJ proceeds. It was undoubtedly rough for the rest of the band, seeing all of their hard work soiled by some disgusting chode. […]