JAMuary Roundup

Written by Kep, Westin, Barlovv, Ellis, and Espi Kvlt January is in the books, and if the quality of the new music we heard is any indication then 2023 is gonna be a great time. […]

Live Shots: Deceased Estates @ Crowbar Brisbane 27/09/19

I’ve covered a bit of Dungeon Synth this year with reviews and interviews with the likes of Grimdor and Akerius, I familiarized myself with this very niche style just recently so I was excited to get to see such a project locally. I’m glad alternative to this extent exists in Brisbane with these sort of solo projects and that people were able to appreciate it. Naturally it’s not an up front head nod sort of deal, it’s more an atmosphere and many of it’s tones made the dark outskirts of the venue all the more comfortable, lager in hand to start the night. […]