Album Review: Slugdge – Esoteric Malacology 8.7 (Prog Death)

Esoteric Malacology has some unexpectedly harsh death metal within the first part of the LP. With a lump of progressive elements and a thickness in the bottom of the mix that draws from their sludge namesake – Elements which are more thoroughly expressed in the mid to late parts. When the clean vocals also become prominent. Slugdge are a slug-themed sludge band but with this release the progressive death is really coming through more than anything else. The sludge is more from the mixing vibes. […]

2018 albums

Album Review: Birds In Row – We Already Lost the World 9 (Post Hardcore)

Birds In Row are one of my favorite hardcore bands so I’ve been looking forward to their 2018 release. It’s dark and emotive but it won’t shy away from throwing a brick in your face. We Already Lost The World is still angry and full of energy, some nervous. The vibe of this album is as much hopelessness than your average doom metal band and as much noise as your average death metal band – even going into heavier vocal territory than what is common for straight up hardcore. […]

2018 albums

Album Review: Nekrogoblikon – Welcome To Bonkers 8.5 (Heavy Metal)

Nekrogoblikon are obviously about having fun with music and they still have done alright with reviews in the past, mostly getting through with high scores. I dig their approach, it’s a classic heavy metal sound with a lot of modern techniques and ideas thrown in. It borders on avant-garde in the vein of UneXpect but is just tight enough to be a serious composition. They have some good song writing that takes them above the meme they embody in their public personas and music videos. There’s some real poppy hooks like you’d expect from British rockers The Darkness. […]

2018 albums

Album Review: Ataraxy – Where All Hope Fades 8 (Death Metal)

Based on the track list and length alone I’d say we’re all about due for a trip into space. Not just any trip but one of certain death, where hope not only fades but also is never born again. Ataraxy supposedly means tranquil or calm which I suppose is an intentionally ironic name because this music is anything but calm. It may be slow at times, but it’s certainly never calm. […]