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We are now working on a new giveaway for June 2022. If you want to have your album included and can provide 50 – 100 download codes, get in touch at – we’d greatly appreciate your help in keeping the site going with the same tools and reach.

All packs for the below content now given away (2021), thank you for the support.

How it works:

People donate via paypal to receive a huge pack of Bandcamp codes. The money from the donation goes towards paying for the WordPress and plugins fees for Noob Heavy to operate. We are ad free, don’t run a patreon or any other forms of making money using this platform (and we never will), so I work on these giveaways once a year to cover it. In the event there is a serious excess amount (like 80 bucks or more) after the fees due to unexpected popularity or unusually large donation amounts, I will allocate a local (Brisbane) charity to help transgender people to receive the money.

A Constant Knowledge Of Death

I’ve been a fan of A Constant Knowledge Of Death for a couple of years now, they contributed a 100 of each album from Vol.I through to Vol.III.d. There’s a lot of styles across these works like sludge, post-metal, hardcore, black metal. (6×100)

Cainhurst – Dark Have Been My Dreams Of Late

A pre-order for some antifascist black metal which will fully release July 21st, 2021. (Limited)

Rise To The Sky – Let Me Drown With You

Critically acclaimed atmospheric doom metal from Chile, deeply melancholic and also abrasive. Released earlier this year. (Limited)

Svn Seeker – Means To An End

One of the best melodic death metal albums released in 2021 so far. (60)

The Hallowed Catharsis – Solar Cremation

The third release from Canadian tech-death underground stars THC. There are also bonus codes for the single “Swap Meat” from the recent album Killowner. (2×100)

Sleeping Village Records Contribution

Sleeping Village provided codes for three releases; Caravan Of Doom Vol.1 Compilation, Cyttorak/RRAOO and Dust Prophet / Conduit. Some pretty wild and different kinds of doom here from the slowerviolence to the more proggy. (3×60)

Witnesses – Doom II

We reviewed this album last year and liked it very much, huge and cinematic doom metal. limited.

Bog Wizard

Bog Wizard are offering up their latest release from earlier this year, Four Tales Of The Strange, as well as their previous release From The Fire. Psychedelic sludgy doom with nerdy themes, hell yeah. (2×100)

Wyrmhaven – Delerium

Melodic death metal with some doom vibes from Arizona. (80)

Aeons Abyss – Impenitent

Old school death metal from Australia, debut LP of Aeons Abyss. New album is due out later in the year with a new sound. (60)

City Of Night And Distant Stars – Transformation EP

Antifascist experimental/industrial/noise EP, really cool concept album from our antifascist and queer black metal columnist, Espi Kvlt and Chris. I released a podcast with these two this week called Wokescolding Hollywood. (100)

Mother Anxiety

Mother Anxiety (Ben Serna-Grey) was kind enough to give us 4 interesting releases including their debut self-titled, Dragged Screaming From Your Mansions, a cool split with S H R I E K I N G many of you know from twitter, and finally an album of video game music to mix it up. (4×60)

Settle For Shadows – Weight Of The World

An eclectic mix of sludge, noise, punk and all sorts of sounds, very cool EP. Settle For Shadows have a new album coming out in June to look forward to. (100)

Geten – the fifth era

Chris and Espi just work together well, this time around it’s depressive suicidal black metal in memory of Per Yngve Ohlin from Mayhem. Some really hectic vocals from Espi and great dark grooves from Chris on guitar. Forever antifascist. (100)

Hand Of Kalliach – Shade Beyond

Debut album of husband wife metal duo from Scotland. An interesting mix of folk metal and death thrash. (60)

Captain Jade and The Skyfarers – The Maiden Voyage of the Sunlance

This album does a fantastic job of describing it’s self: “The debut album from Sierra Jade Aisling! Three queer friends, rejected in their hometown, conspire to steal an airship, become sky pirates, and explore the great wide world before them. Epic power/prog for anyone who feels rejected by society. It’s time to reclaim the seven skies!”. (60)

World Eaters // Hellbreather

World Eaters have previously written an article on the site that introduces them nicely, particularly the bolt thrower worship aspect of the project. They have a new album coming up in June. Hellbreather is pretty badass too! (42)

Non Serviam – Le Cœur Bat

You may already be familiar with this one as its been doing the review rounds and really stood out in the release roundup. The genre is RABM (Red Anarchist Black Metal), which most anti-fascist black metal falls under. Good shit. (Very limited, 10)

Order Of The Wolf // Pessimista

Even more RABM, you love to see it. Appears to be a collab between Scotland and Brazil which is cool. (60)

Diabology – The Softest Grave

A bunch of rad teenagers playing thrash metal in LA, fuck yeah (100)

SVNEATR – The Howl, The Whisper, The Hunt

You can probably tell by the cover it’s going to be a good atmospheric black metal album with themes revolving around the destruction of the world and the self-destruction of society. (100)

Revered And Reviled Above All Others – Toppling The Rotten Pillar

Another album about the problems of the world but this time with powerviolence sludge that self-annihilates in short bursts. (60)

Alpha Boötis

Two albums of “Space Disco Synth Metal with operatic vocals, epic sci-fi stories and powerful production”. (2×30)

Geist And The Sacred Ensemble – Waning Hymns

Really interesting and psychedelic avant-garde kind of album with some doom and folk influence. (60)


Two death metal LPs from Fisthammer. Two of the members went on to form a new band called Subulation you should check out too. (2×100)

Rick Massie – Eclipse

Progressive blackened metal influenced by Opeth and Devin Townsend. (60)

Chalk Portraits – No Visibility

Some brand new ambient music for those who just want to chill after all the shenanigans of this code pack. (60)

The Coming Darkness – All Men Must Die

A very aggressive symphonic black metal project created remotely. (40)

Spectral Child – Moribund Kingdom

We really have every flavor of antifascist music today, with this dungeon synth album that has been getting praise consistently since it came out. (60)

Moon And Snow – Ripples In A Sea OF Light

A cool little solo prog/synth project with a personal meaning. (40)

Neil Howell – Prairie

A mix of chill and pumped vibes with Neil’s brand of heavy metal. (10)

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