Microdose: Xeno Ooze – Parasligm Shift (Grindcore)

  • Xeno Ooze
  • Parasligm Shift
  • Grindcore/Blackened Sludge
  • Arizona, USA
  • November 1, 2019 
  • Independant

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Xeno Ooze are a unique new force in the grind underground. They formed in 2018 – making this their very first LP, but you couldn’t guess that just from listening. I love the level of vocal commitment on this album, it’s a hardcore style that sounds super throaty. It plays well the trebelled out mix of lofi grind and sludge riffage. It’s also a lot of fun, something important for any grindcore album no matter how bad ass the covers get.

Artwork by Arifullah Ali

Parasligm Shift has elbow swinging breakdowns and windmill moshing, it’s good for it all. There’s a big crossover of influences on this album from metal, grindcore, hardcore, black metal and a bunch related to those genres, I appreciate that a lot. It feels like it’s own entity beyond constraints but still delivering on the promise of intensity that those genres exist for. This is summed up by the final and possibly my favorite track “Buried by Slime & Dust” which has the most black element to it yet and caps off the release on just the right energy and track length.

Highly recommended album for physical release. It’s a reliable romp and the artwork is intriguing, bringing to mind a sense of dread and ooze.

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