EP Review: Darkmatter – “Project Darkmatter” (Nu Metal/Trap/Electronic)

Written by: Valkyrjia

Release Date: February 17th, 2022

Nu Metal from Perth, Western Australia

Label: Independent

It’s always a treat when a New Year is filled with new beginnings, new discoveries, and new music. And for Darkmatter, what initially began as a creative outlet for members, would eventually morph into something that would erase boundaries between genres. Mixing rap, trap, electronic, and heavy elements into a hybrid that is entirely Darkmatter, their new EP titled “Project Darkmatter” is a breath of fresh air.

The first track off their 4-track EP is “SoulSick” is a heated track that hits straight with a combo of Nu and Heavy Metal; it’s reminiscent of Linkin Park’s ‘Hybrid Theory’ in all honesty, with intensive vocals that switch with brief bits of melodic to create a sound that cuts deep while still chiseling away at the surface. The added touch of heavy bass-stricken electronics creates a weighted atmosphere that not only aids in this track’s infectiousness but, keeps it at the forefront of your focus. Rap seems to make a sneak peek but, it’s brief, waiting to reveal itself in future nods.

“DNA” that dropped on February 3rd, is an immediate head-banger. Clashing riffs and chaotic drums rupture the barrier of genres, fueling a parade of vocal clarity and passion unlike anything else. The electronic cascade of melodies before the breakdown is tense yet peaceful in execution; followed by a build of light vocals before a collapse of madness and peril.

“Cyan Blue” is a short but, relentless track filled with deranged riffs and electronically crafted white noise beats. It makes you feel almost robotic, slightly unhinged as you discover the deeper details of your own creation. This track is musically dense, with bass that pounds even the smallest speakers, and bits of trap influence that fuse it all together to create a wildly expressive and confrontational sound.

“Parasite Culture” keeps things short but, anything but sweet. Trap and electronic are the base of this beat, hitting it off with Nu Metal to create a sound that sticks in your mind. A cacophony of malicious breakdowns batters your ears while never yielding for a calm interlude. Vocals carry over into a moment of near silence but, heart-pounding guitars keep energy levels at an all time high to up the sheer adrenaline that is this track.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this EP is simple in its definition and explosive in delivery. It needs no more than 4 tracks to unleash the proof that Darkmatter truly is without limits in their sound and creative experience. I can’t even fathom what a full-length album like this would sound like but, I know it would be GLORIOUS.

Favourite Track: Parasite Culture

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