Album Review: Mental Cavity – Neuro Siege 8.6

November 24, 2019 CarcassBOMB 0

Do you like death metal? Do you like hardcore? The easy answer to both of these questions is fuck yes! And so you’ll quite enjoy this dark and gritty stomper of a release from Australia. We can’t make any kind of music without throwing a thick layer of sludge on it and that makes me really bloody happy. It’s the cheese of music, you can put it on almost anything. Considering there’s already the presence of hardcore and death metal stylings, this album is basically like locking a bunch of random neighbourhood dogs in a room that’s just got a grimed up tarp on the floor.

Micro Dose: Guilt Trip – River Of Lies (2019)

November 3, 2019 CarcassBOMB 0

Is it metal? Is it hardcore? Well the album art sure as shit is metal, the music on the other hand is a purer form of hardcore than anything I’ve heard in a while. It’s not depressive or frenetic or “post” in anyway, it’s just straight up fucking hardcore. Get in that pit.