Album Review: Viscera – Obsidian 8 (Deathcore)

Written by Zax

I’m a huge sucker for cool genre crossovers, I’m also a huge sucker for Unique Leader Records, so basically this record was made for me. Viscera are a new outfit formed just last year consisting of members from Heart Of A Coward, Martyr Defiled, and Nervecell. So, while the band is new, these guys definitely know what they’re doing! Their debut album “Obsidian” comes out on March 6th.

Artwork by Shindy Design

As I said, there is some genre mixing going on here, those genres being deathcore, tech death, and some metalcore, which likely comes from that Heart Of A Coward influence. The smashing core elements mixed with the technicality and speed of tech death and the cleaner textures of metalcore is very pleasing.

The use of keyboards and synth here is absolutely perfect as well, they use just the right amount of each to create an ominous and epic atmosphere. The opening track “Delilah” kicks off with those keyboards and synths before breaking into a massive chugging riff with some incredibly technical lead work over it. It’s just an eargasm, all the sounds they’re able to weave together. It’s like Whitechapel’s “The Valley” and Equpoise’s “Demiurgus” smashed into one great record, and both of those albums made my top 25 last year.

Viscera: Bandcamp / Facebook

The drums and overall speed on this record in general are rooted in the chaotic nature of tech death, like this album rarely lets up the heat. There are a few different vocal techniques here, mainly some very solid mids. The screams on the record have a nice clarity to them as well, to where I can make out the lyrics, which seem to mostly be about resilience in the face of failure. There are also cleaner vocals on here for a couple of choruses. These choruses add some catchy moments to the album that increase it’s overall replay value. Throwing stuff like that on a deathcore record is always a gamble, but it really works here!

In fact, the whole thing works. It’s an incredibly cohesive project that I expect to do very well upon release. Keep an eye out for this one folks, ’cause it’s not one you want to miss! It’s got something for everybody.


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