Album Review: Organic – “Where Graves Abound” (Death Metal)

Written by Zax

  • Organic – “Where Graves Abound”
  • Death Metal from Italy
  • Released on October 22nd, 2021 via Testimony Records

I feel like you don’t hear a lot about Italian extreme metal on an international level, but man, every year I wind up with a handful of badass Italian records. This record in particular is one of the nastiest things I’ve heard all year.

This record is a truly belligerent mixture of death metal, hardcore, and doom metal. It reminds me a lot of bands like Gatecreeper and Hate Force, but their savage guitar tone sets them a rung above their peers.

It bears an atmosphere that feels dingy and grizzled. The riffs are absolutely pummeling, and like I said that tone is perfect. It’s sharp and driving, it’s tough as fuck y’all. Really makes you want to tear shit up. The bass lines are thick and menacing, and the percussion is heavy-hitting. Their drum style is definitely more akin to hardcore than death metal, some badass 2-step worthy sections here.

There’s also a killer breakdown here too on “Waste Monolith.” It was unexpected but I’m not complaining, fucking gnarly. This is definitely still a death metal album though, when they slow things down on tracks like “Schizophrenic Execution” they deliver the most filthy mixture of sludge metal and death doom. There’s also some screeching old school solos going on here.

Artwork by W. Smerdulak

The vocalist throws down these cavernous, retching gutturals that fit the vibe of the music and drive that aggression home. I love how this album is paced, and the variation all throughout the tracklist, it never gets boring.

I know the year is almost over, but there are still phenomenal records like this one coming out, do not start sleeping yet.

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