Album Review: L.M.I/Vulturepeak – “S/T” 8/10 (Black/Hardcore)

Written by Zax

L.M.I/VulturepeakSelf Titled
Blackened Hardcore from Pennsylvania, USA
Released February 8th, 2021

You know what’s incredibly impressive to me? Bands of different genres with enough chemistry to pull off a cohesive and fantastic split. I feel like it’s not praised enough when done, but that’s likely because it seldom happens. The amount of craftsmanship that has to go into that is crazy to me! Right here folks, we have the very definition of that.


L.M.I is a self-proclaimed “stoner hardcore” band, and Vulturepeak occupies a blackened post-hardcore sort of niche. Both groups are out of Pennsylvania, and when they come together, it’s absolute magic. The whole release has a very dark and chaotic aura to it that’s consistent all throughout.

If stoner hardcore means hardcore with mathcore influence, zany vocals, and almost surf rock type lead work (hand to fucking god bro), then I guess I really like stoner hardcore. Yeah, L.M.I is unique to say the least, but I really dig it! The production is pretty rough and rugged, putting a dark and raw twist on some otherwise fast-paced and wild ass music. Vocally we get some deep gutturals, but mostly they deliver these insane high-pitched screams that could be loosely compared to Turnstile or Knocked Loose.

Vulturepeak have a slower and more melancholic approach to their sound. A lot of the percussion and even some of the guitar tones they use are rooted in post-hardcore, but the production and vocals are all black metal. It actually almost has a depressive black metal feel as a result. The vocals are super raw here, I love the intensity and passion in the performance.

This is a truly unique, eerie, and insane listening experience. I have the feeling a lot of folks are going to miss this one, prove me wrong folks. Hoping for a physical eventually!

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