Album Review: GOOD COP – “Having Fun at Gunpoint” (Punk)

Written by Barlovv

> GOOD COPHaving Fun at Gunpoint
> Anarchist Punk
> Released June 24, 2022
> Bandcamp Link

“A whole generation sentenced to the guillotine
Self immolate from the inside
With kerosene”

Perhaps one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language could be used to describe Having Fun at Gunpoint from UK Anarcho Punks GOOD COP: 5 songs, 7 minutes. There is something so pure and beautiful about an album that doesn’t out-stay it’s welcome, and for some reason, punk music seems to just have a fucking handle on that concept, grindcore as well (don’t worry Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop, I’ve got my sights on you for a review too), but we’re here to talk about these lovely lads from across the pond and so lets get back to it.

While the album, lyrically, isn’t necessarily a pure-politics album, there is a clear sense of anger and catharsis present throughout the whole thing and there is absolutely no fat on this album at all. We open with a speech reminding us right away that the rich are parasites and then absolutely punches the shit out of you from there. It is a refreshing reminder that punk is still alive in the UK, despite the Sex Pistols doing their best to let everyone know its dead by shilling NFTs (no, really) – and so just when you think hope is lost, GOOD COP comes around, loads their rifle with anarchist intent, and reminds you that things aren’t so bad.

While the introduction does give the impression that the rest of the album will be explicitly political in nature, it isn’t really from start to finish. It feels more like you’re in conversation with the band, rather than having them scream about why anarchism is best in your face. The vocals are raw and ferocious, with the instrumentals to match, and it really is hard to have too much bad to say here. It’s a 7 minute hardcore anarchist punk album, you’re either going to like it or you’re not.

The Bottom Line

Punk is alive in the UK, and GOOD COP are part of the group of bands keeping it alive. It’s impossible for this album to overstay its welcome, and it rips pretty hard while its there. Well worth your 7 minutes so go and check it out. It also came out back in October so you’re already late on it.