Album Review: Disoviet – “Lessons in Dialectics” (Crust Punk)

Written by Barlovv

> DisovietLessons in Dialectics
> Socialist Crust Punk
> Released June 10, 2022
> Bandcamp Link

Workers kill workers
For nationalist cause
Death toll in millions

Socialist crust punks, Disoviet, have a whole lot to say and not a whole lot of time to say it – likely because they’ve broken into the basement recording studio of a billionaire and have to record this album as quickly as possible before they get home (or at least that is how I’m choosing to interpret “recorded in a basement” from their Bandcamp page). Lessons in Dialectics tears through its five songs in just 9 minutes, and yet manages to condense theory, grievances, and righteous outrage into that run time. As the pair say themselves: “Couple of friends from Delco/Philly putting Marxist theory to the rhythm of d-beat”.

I’d say they are true to their form, and honestly who has more than ten minutes these days, and what better way to absorb some dense theory than to have it screamed at you? That might sound sarcastic, but it’s really not. Hopefully an album like this, and the touted values of the band will inspired folks to seek out more, and really open the door to understanding what the hell we’re doing on the left. As starting points to learning about a movement, you could do significantly worse.

While Disoviet and I may disagree on how anarchists smell – being one that… doesn’t #notallanarchists – there is no doubt that this band walks the fucking walk. Helping folks at Starbucks unionize in Philadelphia and being part of orgs that are doing actual and real work. Plenty of punks band throw up the finger to authority or “the system” but here’s band who puts their money where their mouths are and it absolutely fucking shows. The passion for leftist politics and taking action comes through loud and clear, and to be honest we could probably all stand to do a little fucking more of that.

There is absolutely no reason that you have not purchased Lessons in Dialectics yet. The album is available at any price you can afford and if you can afford to throw some money at these pissed off socialists, then you absolutely should. Some of the criticism of Anarchism in the title song do run a bit false for me, but I also recognize exactly the kind of faux-Anarchist they’re talking about and so it’s hard to take personally. The pro-union, anti-police themes alone should be more than enough for you to enjoy this one.

Also, if you don’t throw money their way for the record, find out who the orgs are in your area and join them, donate your time and your money if you’ve got any to spare. The album and the dudes rule, so enjoy.

The Bottom Line

It’s a ten minute long, socialist crust punk album that you can pay whatever you would like for. Go fucking buy the album, you will not regret it. They also have a cd available for all of you folks still buying physical media, you really don’t have an excuse.

Also – unionize your workplace. Do it.