Album Review: Azoth – Magnitude of Extinction 9.5 (Post Black)

Written by Monorthern

  • Azoth
  • Magnitude of Extinction
  • Post Black Metal
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Released January 5, 2020
  • Via Vigor Deconstruct
  • 9.5/10

Azoth is an impressive post black metal project from Portland, Oregon. The project is a collaboration with members from Sól, Vitriol, and others. They surprised us in the early 2020s with their album Magnitude of Extinction which contained five amazing songs. Different from other black metal bands, they package the song in an unusual way – they combine the elements of post rock and noise rock on this album.

Magnitude of Extinction opens with a song titled “Worlds Upon Worlds”. It starts with a complex string boom by drummer Scott Walkers, and the double kick playing really balances the strings while the symbal punches adorn the drum beat. Bassist Kyle Valery’s playing brings more power to produce a full emotional tone. And the next song “Sgr A” is another really complex composition. Before the second minutes, we will find post rock textures that makes us drift and fly after it has been an eargasm of fast and dense tones. Clear! This first song is really amazed me and makes us curious about the next song which will surely shake the heartbeat more

In the song “Černâ” they repeat the cool artistic composition with a mix of growls from the emotionally gloomy vocalist, the drummer again shook his double kick and then the guitar riff which really builds the atmosphere of this song. It’s fast and dense but they play with the tempo up and down, and make the listeners feel swayed by this song, yeah! This is brilliant band! They packed this song with brilliant composition, and neatly. Our emotions are really moved in this song. Honestly, Azoth makes me glow amidst the dynamics that they play within uniform, and wave balanced, not spared by the blanketing atmosphere enveloping song.

Azoth, opened this year with beautiful materials. Different from other black metal bands, they managed to bring listeners to enjoy the complete song emotionally, this band cannot be underestimated. This album has a total duration of thirty must hear minutes. Magnitude of Extinction release digital and cassettes via Vigor Deconstruct on January 5th.

Azoth at Bandcamp


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