Roundup: July Jams & Jigs

Written by Melinda, Kep, Westin, Barlovv & Ellis I don’t know what you expect me to say in this opening paragraph anymore. We all know how months work and we’re all here for the same thing: to quickly read about a dozen or so albums our writers thought was cool out of the absurd amount […]

Roundup: June Jollies

Written by Melinda, Barlovv, Kep and Ellis Heasley A mix of fresh mini reviews mixed with excerpts from larger reviews the team did of June releases. Underground metal and hardcore big and small. Pick and choose, or just shuffle this play list and let the jolly of June surprise you. But be sure to listen […]

Melinda’s Mid Year Selections

We made it to the halfway point of another fucked up year, woo. For those who enjoy these kinds of lists, here’s the coolest shit I (Melinda aka Carcassbomb) has heard this year. 20 albums, so strap in (this article has undergone 53 revisions, I have a problem). As per my usual curation, expect a […]

Roundup: May Macrodose

A big bag of albums we’ve been listening to that came out in May. Albums picked by Kep, Barlovv, Ellis and Melinda. Below is the Noob Heavy 2022 release radar for metal and hardcore, for those looking to catch up. Cave In – Heavy Pendulum Posthardcore from Boston, USARelapse Records The much anticipated return album […]

Album Review: Lunar Blood – “Twilight Insurgency” (RABM/Death)

Written by Melinda >Lunar Blood – Twilight Insurgency> Red & Anarchist black metal/death metal>New Jersey, USA>Released February 18, 2022>Bandcamp Link “Killing us under cover of law all this violence takes its toll we’ll arm ourselves. Bars and clubs turn to armories new black coffins for old white men” Absolutely uncompromising antifascist blackened death metal from […]

Roundup: April Assortments & Atrocities

Another month and yet another roundup article, I’m actually sticking to this one! The scribes this month are Kep, April, Ellis and Melinda (thats me, I don’t have twitter anymore and IG banned me for having 1312 in my @ so I use Discord: Melinda#5425). Some exciting picks this month from familiar bands and a […]

Mel’s Big Bong Of Bangers

Written by Melinda I don’t usually write when I’m stoned but I can’t see any other way of reviewing this many 2022 stoner doom/rock albums. Iced coffee, Gatorade and other kind of improvised bottle bongs only please, no bourgeoisie stoner shit on my watch. If you want more tunes, check out our stoner playlist of […]

Noob Heavy’s January Jams

Written by Melinda, Kep, Espi Kvlt, Zax and Valky We used to do a weekly roundup but it’s so hard to get going in the new year, who wants to pay attention to anything during January? Welcome to the monthly roundup which includes many new mini reviews from the team as well as highlighting some […]

Melinda’s Top 69 Albums of 2021

Melinda Hey, when you’re done with my list below or even just open these in a tab now, I’ve conveniently listed all of our contributor end of year articles from all the cool people I invited to share their picks. And also my other list for Toilet Ov Hell Free Flush of course (which has […]

Last Friday This Week: 19th November Release Day

Written by Melinda, Espi Kvlt, Kep, Ellis & Valky Big release week (last week), we had some big albums like Converge & Chelsea Wolfe which Melinda covered in full, and also Swallow The Sun which she will surely cover soon. Why is she talking about herself in the third person? Well, below are release day […]

Please Sir, I Want Some Core Vol 3 (XXL Edition)

Written by Carcassbomb Alright you dumpy fucks, Ellis had to go take a piss and so now I’m taking over and overdoing it. Find the kind of hardcore you like and go listen to it. Some real barn burners (Or perhaps Bridge Burners, eh?) in this mix with a line of lyric for flavour text […]

Album Review: Filth Is Eternal – “Love Is a Lie, Filth Is Eternal” 8/10 (Hardcore)

Written by Carcassbomb Filth Is Eternal – Love Is A Lie, Filth Is EternalHardcore Punk from Seattle, WashingtonReleased August 27th, 20218/10 BODY CHAOS. BLOODY JAW. Some of you may have been familiar with the hardcore band Fucked & Bound and their belligerent floor pounding live shows. If you’ve wondered where they went to, they’ve rebranded […]

Album Review: MouthBreather – “I’m Sorry Mr. Salesman” 9/10 (Hardcore)

Written by Carcassbomb MouthBreather – I’m Sorry Mr. SalesmanExperimental hardcore from Boston, USAReleased August 13th, 2021Via Good Fight Music9/10 CHAOS AROUND ME, CHAOS AROUND ME. Hardcore in recent times has become heavily centred around being constantly technical and memey. This new album from MouthBreather takes us back to the more barbaric style of “what if […]

Album Review: Nothing Noble – “Modern Dismay” 8/10 (Prog Metalcore)

Written by Carcassbomb Nothing Noble – Mordern DismayProgressive Metalcore from DenmarkReleased August 6th, 20218/10 Long time readers of Noob Heavy might be aware of my contempt for progressive metalcore, particularly as an Australian where the mainstream music scene is flooded with samey sounding bands in the genre. I have been so brutal towards progressive metalcore, […]

Album Review: Backxwash – “I LIE HERE BURIED WITH MY RINGS AND MY DRESSES” 10/10 (Rap/Industrial)

A powerful album from a powerful person. To summarise it as briefly as possible: it’s an assault on the establishment through a very current lens. On this new album I LIE HERE BURIED WITH MY RINGS AND MY DRESSES, Backxwash annihilates us with each track, taking on subject matter ranging from transphobia and ACAB to colonialism and anarchy. Moving away from religion which was the primary focus of her previous work God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It, although religion is certainly a part of systemic oppression and still gets it’s mentions. You’ve likely heard about this one even all over the online metal scene, and that’s because this album goes HARD. […]

Album Review: Non Serviam – “Le Cœur Bat” 8.2/10 (RABM)

How should we start the album? Let’s play for 25 minutes. What do we call it? Le Coeur Bat (Roughly “The Heart Beats” in english), hell yeah. They can suitably do most lengths and change the base of the album at will due to the fluid nature of the compositions, resembling the construction of electronic music while utilizing black metal and punk styles to drive it. Non Serviam are a RABM (Red & Anarchist Black Metal) band so it’s good to be able to listen to black metal without wondering if they’re nazis, Non Serviam are anti-fascist as far as I can tell without understanding a whole lot of french. […]

Album Review: Victory Over the Sun – “Nowherer” 8.7/10 (Experimental Death)

This is something else. Victory Over the Sun is a solo project of a music genius named Vivian and she accomplishes a lot with this release. I won’t be able to do it justice, due to this person having an understanding of guitar and songwriting that I just do not possess, there are dimensions I can’t see here. I’ve been playing for 15 years and still suck so bad. From the bandcamp page: “written entirely in the 17 equal divisions of the octave (17EDO) tuning system, on guitars I refretted myself”. Ok, I don’t know what that does, but this album sounds so epic. […]

Album Review: Dr Colossus – “I’m a Stupid Moron With an Ugly Face and A Big Butt and my Butt Smells and I Like to Kiss My Own Butt” 9/10 (Stoner Doom)

This is a big one for me, Dr Colossus have been my favorite Australian band since flooring me with The Dank in 2018. They combined good old Aussie stoner rock and stories told using The Simpsons. Fans of the show will have unlimited fun picking apart the references, I know I did with The Dank when I reviewed it. For this one, I’ll let the readers discover them for themselves since the band was cool enough to get me such an early listen of the album. Dr Colossus are back with a new LP, new merch and an Australian tour! […]

Album Review: Tommy Concrete – “Hexenzirkel” 8.5/10 (Prog Metal)

Tommy is the kind of musician who keeps pushing themselves to create music that should be considered “interesting” and based on this new album, and his previous effort Unrelaxed 2 (which I reviewed), he absolutely achieves this with an extensive blending of genres and a unique personal outlook on music. Buckle in, this is a big album with big sounds, and can only be met with a big review where I no doubt relate to lyrics in ways they perhaps were not intended. […]

Album Review: Cannibal Corpse – “Violence Unimagined” 9/10 (Death Metal)

I am a weird kind of Cannibal Corpse fan, in that most fans will know more about the band as a whole than I do, but I’ve also spent half my life listening to Cannibal Corpse. However, I primarily listen to Bloodthirst and have for a long time. It’s exactly what I want from the band, perfectly summed up in one album and so it hits the spot every time, why move on? Violence Unimagined is one good reason to move on and marks the beginning of an exciting decade for the band. […]

Album Review: Portrayal Of Guilt – “We Are Always Alone” 8/10 (Blackened Hardcore)

A really good blackened hardcore release and no one specifically told me about it? I had to find it all on my own months after release? Christ, you guys are really letting it slip this year. The whole merging of black metal and hardcore variants like post-hardcore or screamo has had a huge come up in the last few years and it’s pretty much my porn. Finally, a scenario in which black metal can be good. […]

Album Review: Breaths – “Lined In Silver” 8/10 (Post Metal)

Lined In Silver is simultaneously familiar sounding and also filled with intrigue. Disband your expectations and let the album unfold because it does not persist as it initially presents, which is something much closer to Deftones. It’s a comforting album that I play regularly, there are great storytelling instrumentals narrated by a very capable vocalist with alt rock and shoegaze roots. They’ve really honed in on a specific sound and rode it out to completion. […]

Album Review: The Scalar Process – “Coagulative Matter” 7/10 (Tech Death)

There’s so much room in this bad boy. Some albums you put on and demand entertainment every second from, and then albums like this one that you can just put on and expect it to fill the room. You won’t always be aware of everything going on, you’ll daze in and out of the majesty of it. It’s a slower-paced kind of tech death with a strong emphasis on atmospheric instrumentals, well, it’s still fast as hell but more spread out. […]

Album Review: Scarred – “Scarred” 9/10 (Tech Metal)

I knew based on the psychedelic but modern album art this would be an interesting one, digging the aesthetic right off the bat with sounds akin to an old cassette being worn out and playing warped audio. Scarred brings extra noises to their tracks just to make them pop a little more, whether it’s an offbeat guitar tone or an offbeat guitar effect that blends into the atmosphere. They could have made the exact same progressive groove thrash that all the rest with a Gojira inspiration have done but they went with something more original. I’ll be listening to this one all year. […]

Album Review: Fractal Generator – “Macrocosmos” 7.5/10 (Tech Death)

I know that opening sample orb-like sound, for sure. It’s either from an Elder Scrolls game or STALKER game, or maybe I’m plain wrong but what is supposed to be THE fractal generator is definitely a sound I’m familiar with. Or maybe this band really does make music about software for fractal pattern processing. Whatever it’s about, one thing is certain, this is a very cinematic technical death metal album that stays on the heavier side of the genre while also offering some mind washing sounds. […]

Microdose: New Splits Volume 1

Splitmania! It’s time to review some new splits coming out and recently released that have caught my eye and to showcase the bands on either side. A lot of experimental music, which is the best use of a split if you ask me. Delve in and explore the bands that make each side special. […]

Album Review: Humanity’s Last Breath – “Välde” 9.2/10 (Technical Deathcore)

Humanity’s Last Breath made a big impression over here with their heavy as balls sound in 2019’s Abyssal, now they’re back on the radar with some innovations to show off. This album uses a lot of sound design to create a more unique approach to blackened deathcore that utilizes every instrumental technique available and even additional symphonics. You can see on their Bandcamp that they’ve been very busy producing tunes but also producer packs during the time between Abyssal and Välde, clearly very talented audio engineering from guitarist and producer Buster Odeholm (Vildjharta, Born of Osiris, Oceano). […]

Microdose: Svn Seeker, Crypticus, Dreamwell, Settle For Shadows, Scythian Fate & AntiMozdeBeast

What are Twitter mutual’s in this context? A lot of bands follow me, but a lot of cool people who are in bands also follow me and these people are either very supportive or talkative, but I’m so daft I barely realise they’re in a band a lot of the time. So every now and then I’ll be taking the time and initiative to double check if my friends are in bands then have a listen! Turns out they’re fucking brilliant. […]

Album Review: Dead Exaltation – “Despondent” 8.5/10 (Death Metal)

A death metal album with an unexpected amount of melody, it doesn’t even present as melodeath, it’s far closer to straight slapping brutal death metal that occasionally shifts the tempo down into a straight up clean guitar serenade as if I somehow accidentally listened outside the album or the musicians forgot the set list. It should be a harsh comparison to then start up the death machine again but it just works so well, perhaps due to the tight guitar tones. […]

Album Review: Undergang – “Aldrig i livet” 9.4/10 (Death Metal)

Fun. A lot of fun. There’s something Undergang does in their writing that draws you into it with all of your enthusiasm. Some parts of this had me moving like the metal version of those goth kids dancing at the underpass or the wacky waving inflatable tube man. On the other hand, they managed a few times to descend into an utter dirge that will tickle your dark. It’s a varied album that comes off as an intelligent deconstruction of death metal rather than blind worship of it. They have a deep understanding of old death, doom and grind – far beyond my own. […]

Album Review: Depravity – “Grand Malevolence” 9/10 (Death Metal)

Grand Malevolence is the death metal album I’ve been waiting for this year. Many have come and gone, some solid albums but even with Necrot and Ulcerate releasing huge albums I was still reserving my fandom for something specific and until now, undefined. It’s a big boy, with many five minute songs making up forty-nine minutes total but not a minute is wasted. Depravity are a machine that will keep force feeding you your own shit the whole time then at the end you’ll doff your hat and thank them. […]

Album Review: Ewigkeit – “23” 7/10 (Stoner/Prog)

A lot of fun right here, well, it’s short due to being an EP but what’s there is a very fun stoner love letter to the 70s. The thing that really ties it together for me, is the fact that it’s themed around my favorite books of all time, the Illuminatis! Trilogy. I’m used to a lot of whacky themes that are far more common than people realise (particularly in stoner), but I’ve yet to see any Discordian representation as of yet. If you’re in the know, then you’ll have fun cherry picking this release for references, artwork included, which draws upon Discordianism’s love of gratuitous symbolism. Be prepared for the most I’ve used air quotes in an article. […]

SPIRIT ADRIFT release new single “Astral Levitation”, off of new album “Enlightened In Eternity”, out October 16th

Here’s the details and a taste of the upcoming Spirit Adrift album, following their 2019 underground hit Divided By Darkness which caught the attention of many metalheads with it’s classic stylistic artwork by Joe Petagno. Newcomers prepared to be warmed by the classic Heavy Metal sound wrought with modern tones. There’s also details surrounding a 2021 European tour with Corrosion Of Conformity which is quite an interesting combination, both very classic bands in their sound but of different styles and aesthetics. I also wasn’t aware that they were a humble DUO, as per the additional context provided towards the end. […]

Album Review: Sleepscultper – Sleepscultper 9 (Math/Hardcore)

I took a second listen today just to make sure what I heard is what I heard, and fair enough the very opening seconds shot right down the back of my neck and down the spine. This appears to be a vinyl re-release combining their EP and debut LP, put out by Silent Pendulum Records on Bandcamp as Name Your Own Price. I seriously recommend the labels discography for the 10 bucks just to have them in collection and support the label. It’s run by the current drummer of The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Michael Kadnar, and they put out vinyl reissues of The Number Twelve and many amazing new releases from upcoming bands. You can hear all about it in my interview with him and DJ Scully here. […]

Switch Review: Pokemon Sword 4/10

If you’re a 30 year old gamer boy like I am then you’ve probably played every generation of Pokemon from Blue & Red to Black & White, very much like myself. We spent months playing a single game as a child, binged them in weekends as a teen and as adults we still revisit some of the games every year. When a new pokemon game comes out we all get this pang of curiosity, we ask ourselves “Am I STILL ready for my very own pokemon adventure?” but we aren’t sure what the deal with these new graphics are, or what half of these new pokemon are and what’s the deal with these kids and their motion controls? Don’t worry, I’ll set everything straight and you’ll probably still want to give a couple of addicted weekends to this game. […]

Album Review: Intercepting Pattern – The Encounter 8.5 (Jazz Metal)

People may be apprehensive when seeing jazz in the genre descriptor for a metal album but Intercepting Pattern manages to overcome many of the failings typical to this style. At first you may suspect it is an instrumental album which is very common for jazzy metal – fortunately there are great vocals on this album and without them it would be more run of the mill. There’s also the use of programming elements such as electronic harmonies or other artificial sounds to accompany the alien like guitar tones. It’s a well written story that plays out in a thoroughly entertaining manner. […]

Album Review: Karmacipher – “Introspectrum” 7/10 (Death Doom)

Atmospheric death metal is more accurate than death doom but you’ll hear the similarities to bands like Mortiferum or Void Rot. There’s a dirge as well as dissonance but Karmacipher have much more of a theatrical element. I’d consider it mildly technical. It’s a good album to put on if you have a decent speaker setup, there’s a lot of impact and nuance. […]

Album Review: Aversions Crown – “Hell Will Come For Us All” 7.5/10 (Tech Deathcore)

Aversions Crown is one of the bigger modern bands of Australia, among titans like Psycroptic and Disentomb. Much the same as those bands, it’s usually a good few year wait between albums so Hell Will Come For Us All is a much welcomed release to fans of sci-fi death. At the very least, there are many improvements over their 2017 album Xenocide. Gotta love the Burke work though. […]

Album Review: Void Rot – Descending Pillars 8 (Death Doom)

A pinch on the arse this record is, a solid helping of death doom with an emphasis on the death. I’ve been waiting for this one, waiting. Unfortunately for the rest of you rubes, September is when you’ll be hearing this beast in its entirety. I’d go ahead and call this a safe bet for pre-order, not only does it sound good but you can gauge your expectations by checking out their previous output, a Void Rot/Atavisma split out earlier in 2020 via Everlasting Spew. That split set a tone that I wanted more of, and here it is! […]


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