Upcoming Albums

All upcoming releases I like the look of I’ve added to this list, which starts below a short feed of my coverage of upcoming releases. Check them out for more detail. The links in the list go to Bandcamp, Spotify or Metal Archives. This is not a complete list or nor do I want it to be, it’s a list of albums with covers that interest me or that I want to remind myself of. Includes stuff from my email inbox.

Noob Heavy Reviews of upcoming albums:

Blood Incantation – Hidden History Of The Human Race (November 22nd, Dark Descent Records)
Unfathomable Ruination – Enraged And Unbound (November 22nd, Willowtip Records)
Bull Elephant – Self-Titled (November 29th, Indie)
Toluca – Soras (November 29th, Tokyo Jupiter Records)
Ploughshare – Tellurian Insurgency (November 29th, Brilliant Emperor Records)
OAK – Lone (December 20th, Transcending Obscurity Records)

September 27: Borknagar – True North <Black Metal>

September 27: CREEPING DEATHWretched Illusions <Death/Hardcore>

September 27: Goat Burner – Extreme Conditions <Death/Power-violence>

September 27: Goatess – Blood And Wine <Stoner Doom>

September 27: FIREBREATHERUnder a Blood Moon <Doom Metal>

September 27: MOTHER’S TOMBAbsent Not Dead <Thrash/Death>

September 27: MortemRavnsvart <Death Metal>

September 27: OPETHIn Cauda Venenum <Prog Death> (8.5)

September 27: VOICE OF RUINAcheron <Blackened Death/Thrash>

September 28: Throat CutterBattle Of Blood Heaven <Black metal>

September 30: ALGEBRAPulse? <Thrash/Death>

September 30: AGGRAVATORAggravator <Thrash metal>

September 30: Fatuous Rump{Brutality} <Slam/Brutal Death>

October 1: VUKARIAevum <Black Metal>

October 4: CELLAncient Incantations Of Xarbos <Black/thrash>

October 4: ESOGENESIEsogenesi <Doom Metal>

October 4: EXULANSISSequestered Sympathy <Black/Doom/Folk>

October 4: ExhumedHorror <Death/Black/Grind>

October 4: FOUGHT UPON EARTHGrave Miscalculation <Prog Metal>

October 4: GatecreeperDeserted <Death Metal>

October 4: IN MOURNINGGarden of Storms <Prog Metal>

October 4: IRON KINGDOMOn The Hunt <Heavy Metal>

October 4: MONTE LUNADrowner’s Wives <Psych/Sludge>

October 4: MYRONATHInto The Qliph <Black Metal>

October 4: NightstalkerGreat Hallucinations <Stoner Rock>

October 4: FeigdHeidenskapens strid <Black/Viking>

October 4: VERHEERERMonolith <Black Metal>

October 6: CarcinoidMetastatic Declination <Aussie Death Doom>

October 9: Houkago Grind Time – Do you Love Anime? <Goregrind>

October 10: THRASHFIREInto The Armageddon <Thrash Metal>

October 11: AlunahViolet Hour <Stoner Doom>

October 11: Arx AtrataThe Path Untravelled <Black Metal>

October 11: BabymetalMetal Galaxy <Baby Metal>

October 11: Blut aus NordHallucinogen <Black Metal>

October 11: Cold In BerlinRituals Of Surrender <Doom/Gothic> (interview)

October 11: Death AwaitsRapture Smites <Death Metal>

October 11: DECEM MALEFICIVMLa fin de Satán <Black Metal>

October 11: Disfigurement Of FleshShrine Of Immortals <Brutal Death>

October 11: ENTRAILSRise of the Reaper <Death metal>

October 11: MortiferumDisgorged From Psychotic Depths <Death Doom>(8)

October 11: NecroticgorebeastNecroticgorebeast <Brutal Death>

October 11: Nephilim’s NooseRites of a Death Merchant <Death Doom>

October 11: PISSED REGARDLESSImperial Cult <Thrash/Hardcore>

October 11: PræternaturaDeconsecrated Earth <Black Metal>

October 11: Profanatica Rotting Incarnation of God <Black/Death>

October 11: Ramprasad – Tsuris <Post/Sludge>

October 11: Signs of the SwarmVital Deprivation <Brutal Death>

October 11: SINGULARITYPlace of Chains <Tech Death/Symphonic Black>

October 11: SORXEThe Ark Burner <Post Metal>

October 11: The Devil Wears Prada – The Act <Metalcore>

October 11: Sorxe The Arc Burner <Post Doom>

October 11: Your HighnessYour Highness <Stoner Doom>

October 12: NullingrootsMalady’s Black Maw <Blackgaze>

October 14: SARCASMEsoteric Tales of the Unserene <Melo Death>

October 15: OssuaireDerniers Chants <Black Metal>

October 18: CHAOS IN MOTIONPsychological Spasms Cacophony <Tech Death>

October 18: Coffin RotA Monument To The Dead <Death Metal>

October 18: DarkenedInto the Blackness <Death Metal>

October 18: DISMEMBERMENTArc of Ancients <Black/Thrash/Death>

October 18: Heráldica de MandrakeEsto también pasará <PsychDoom>

October 18: Holy SerpentEndless <Stoner Doom>

October 18: LungsEstuary <Post Metal>

October 18: NegatorVNITAS PVRITAS EXISTENTIA <Black Death>

October 18: NIFROSTBlykrone <Folk Metal>

October 18: Rank and Vileredistribution of flesh <Death Grind>

October 18: RimfrostExpedition: Darkness <Black Metal>

October 18: UtuThe Almighty Utu <Black/Death>

October 18: XothInterdimensional Invocations <Scifi Death/Black>

October 21: ProfetusThe Sadness Of Time Passing <Death/Doom>

October 22: LiberosisUnhealthy <Sludge/hardcore>

October 22: The Great Old OnesCosmicism <Post Black Metal>

October 24: Plateau SigmaSymbols: The Sleeping Harmony of the World Below <Funeral Doom>

October 25: AlcestSpiritual Instinct <Post Black>

October 25: CLERICSerpent Psalms <Death Metal>

October 25: Cloak The Burning Dawn <Black Metal/Rock>

October 25: EdellomSirens <Gothic Doom>

October 25: EXMORTUSLegions of the Undead (EP) <Tech Thrash/Death>

October 25: FLUKTDarkness <Black Metal>

October 25: HorrociousDepleted Light and the Death of Uniqueness <Black/Death>

October 25: Hour Of PenanceMisotheism <Brutal Death>

October 25: JinjerMacro <Progressive Metalcore>

October 25: Leprous – Pitfalls <Prog Metal/core>

October 25: LowcasterFlames Arise <Trad Doom>

October 25: Morgue WalkerForgotten in Hellfrost <Death Grind>

October 25: OgreThrice As Strong <Doom Metal>

October 25: OrodruinRuins Of Eternity <Trad Doom>

October 25: Rings Of SaturnGidim <Tech Death>

October 25: RunemagickInto Desolate Realms <Death Doom>

October 25: SAVAGE MASTERMyth, Magic and Steel <Heavy Metal>

October 25: The Lone MadmanLet The Night Come <Doom Metal>

October 25: Tragic DeathBorn Of Dying Embers <Black Metal>

October 25: VavicusAnnihilism <Black/Death>

OCtober 25: VASTUMOrificial Purge <Death Metal>

October 28: MAYHEM – Daemon <Black Metal>

October 30: ElvarhøiDansen låter fra graven åter <Folk Metal>

October 30: GROND + GRACELESSEndless Spiral of Terror EP <Death Metal>

October 30: Satan’s BasementAccused of Human Decency <Sludge/Grind>

October 31: BlasphematoryDepths of the Obscurity <Death Metal>

October 31: Falling GiantsEnter The Abyss <Stoner/Post>

October 31: HysteriaNight Closing In <Thrash Metal>

October 31: KosmokraterThrough Ruin.. Behold <Black/Death>

October 31: LVXCAELISMaher Shalal Hash Baz <Black n’ Roll>

October 31: NachtigNachtig <Black Metal>

October 31: OniricousLa Maldicion <Black/Death>

October 31: PORTAE OBSCURITASLvx Atra Aeterna <Aussie BM>

October 31: Telekinetic YetiGlacial Gods <Stoner Doom>

October 31: VAULTWRAITHLight the Candle In Honour of Devils <Black/Speed>

October 31: VulturDrowned In Gangrenous Blood <Death Metal>

November 1 : Aeons AbyssImpenitent <Aussie OSDM>

November 1: Ancient CryptsInhaling the Fumes of a Burning Carcass <Death Metal>

November 1: ANGEL WITCHAngel of Light <Heavy Metal>

November 1: Apostles of PerversionScars Of A Sick Mind <Brutal Death Metal>

November 1: CaїnaGentle Illness <Black Metal>

November 1: CANNABIS CORPSENug So Vile <Death Metal>

November 1: Decadence Six Tape <Melo Thrash>

November 1: DraugArv <Black/Death>

November 1: FrosteeleKalte Leere <Atmospheric Black Metal>

November 1: Golden CoreFimbultyr <Stoner Metal>

November 1: LegendryThe Wizard and The Tower Keep <Power Metal>

November 1: NileVile Nilotic Rites <Death Metal>

November 1: NOCTEMThe Black Consecration <Black Metal>

November 1: Novembers DoomNephilim Grove <Death Doom>

November 1: PaganizerThe Tower of the Morbid <Death Metal>

November 1: SørgeligWe, The Oblivious <Black Metal>

November 1: Sunless RiseUltimacy <Melo Death>

November 1: VOYAGERColours in the Sun <Prog Metal>

November 1: Xeno OozeParasligm Shift <Death/Grind/Sludge>

November 1: Wald KryptaWhere None Remain <Black Metal>

November 1: Wandering OakPassage Elemental <Heavy/Folk>

November 1: WilderunVeil Of Imagination <Folk Metal>

November 1: WitcherA gyertyák csonkig égnek <Black Metal>

November 1: YEAR OF THE COBRAAsh and Dust <Stoner Doom>

November 2: PimeAkivasha <Black Metal>

November 5: RemainsChaos & Light <Death Metal>

November 7: At The GravesPain After Pain <Doom/Sludge>

November 7: SECOND TO SUNLegacy <Post-Black/Groove>

November 8: AtollZoopocalypse <Brutal Death>

November 8: BewailerWhere My Demise Dwells <Death Doom>

November 8: BLOOD OF THE WOLF – III: Blood Legend <

November 8: Blind GuardianTwilight Orchestra: Legacy of the Dark Lands <Symphonic Metal/Tolkien>

November 8: Crimson ThroneThe Resilience Of Life & Death <Black/Ambient>

November 8: DimhavThe Boreal Flame <Power/Prog>

November 8: EsotericA Pyrrhic Existence <Funeral Doom>

November 8: HIDEOUS DIVINITYSimulacrum <Tech Death/Brutal>

November 8: ImmanifestMacrobial <Black Metal>

November 8: MAMMOTH MAMMOTHKreuzung <Stoner rock/Metal>

November 8: MORTUARY – The Autophagous Reign <Death Metal>

November 8: NightlandUmbra Astra Luna <Symphonic Death>

November 8: TerminusA Single Point Of Light <Heavy Metal>

November 8: The Flower KingsWaiting For Miracles <Prog/Power Metal>

November 8: SplatteredCarnivortex <Slamming Death>

November 8: THE DROWNING (UK) – The Radiant Dark <Death/doom

November 8: Vials Of WrathDark Winter Memories <Ambient Black Metal>

November 9: INFIRMITYDescendants of Sodom <Death Metal>

November 10: Lyngorna Ash Za Brakh <Black Metal>

November 13: The Art Of Mankind Gods of Slaughter <Melo Death>

November 15: ABIGAIL WILLIAMSWalk Beyond the Dark <Atmospheric Black>

November 15: AbytheonThe Mists Of Ithriel Pt 1 <Doom/Prog Death>

November 15: Chamber Of TortureNecrodomain <Death Metal>

November 15: Diabolical NightBeyond The Realm <Black Speed>

November 15: DysemblemAutotomy <Death Metal>

November 15: HANGING GARDENInto that Good Night <Melodeath/Doom>

November 15: Havohej Table Of Uncreation <Black Metal>

November 15: KraterVenenare <Black Metal>

November 15: NAGAVoid Cult Rising <Sludge/Doom>

November 15: NecropantherThe Doomed City <Melo Death>

November 15: NOX IRAEHere The Dead Live <Death Metal>

November 15: RemissionThe Tether’s End (art @thetigersnake) <Thrash/Death>

November 15: Serpens LuminisBright Euphoria <Black/Death>

November 15: Suidakra – Echoes Of Yore <Melodic Black/Folk>

November 15: The DeathtripDemon Solar Totem <Black Metal>

November 18: Mental SlaveryKill For Peace <Thrash Metal>

November 18: NordligblåstLight That Is Called Darkness <Black Metal>

November 20: Canyon Of The SkullsSins Of The Past <Doom Metal>

November 20: SuppressionRepugnant Remains <Death Metal>

November 22: BattleswordAnd Death Cometh Upon Us <Melo Death>

November 22: Blood IncantationHidden History Of The Human Race <Death Metal>

November 22: DepressedBeyond The Putrid Fiction <OSDM>

November 22: HAZEMAZEHymns of the Damned <Stoner Doom>

November 22: Lord MantisUniversal Death Church <Black Sludge>

November 22: RaptvreMonuments Of Bitterness <Black/Death>

November 22: Tragedy In HopeSmile At Death <Melodic Black>

November 22: Treasonist/Y-IncisionMechanical Perdition split <Grindcore>

November 22: UNFATHOMABLE RUINATIONEnraged & Unbound <Brutal Death>

November 23rd: BewitchmentOblivion Shall Reign <Death/Thrash>

November 29: AvslutTyranni <Black Metal>

November 29: Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas <Death/Grind>

November 29: CrusadistThe Unholy Grail <Death/Thrash>

November 29: DenizenHigh Winds Preacher <Stoner Doom>

November 29: FleshcrawlInto The Catacombs Of flesh <ODSM>

November 29: HelaVegvísir <Stoner Doom>

November 29: Into CoffinUnconquered Abysses <Death/Doom/Black>

November 29: MarrowfieldsMetamorphoses <Post/Black/Doom>

November 29: MesmurTerrene <Funeral Doom>

November 29: PloughshareTellurian Insurgency <Black/Sludge>

November 29: Rainbows Are FreeHead Pains <Stoner Doom/Rock>

November 29: Sentinel HorrorMorbid Realms <OSDM>

November 29: VomitronVomitron 2 <Experimental/Melo Death>

December 1: SACRIFIZERLa Mort Triomphante <Speed Metal>

December 4: Desert CrowsAge of Despair <Stoner Rock>

December 6: Mental CavityNeuro Siege <Death/Crust>

December 6: WitchbonesThe Seas Of Draugen <Death Metal>

December 9: Oath Of CrueltySummary Execution at Dawn <Death Metal>

December 11: The RiverVessels Into White Tides <Melo Doom>

December 13: HorrifiedSentinel <OSDM>

December 13: Northwind WolvesMountains And Darkness <Black Metal>

December 13: Nightbearer Tales of Sorcery and Death <OSDM>

December 13: Officium TristeThe Death Of Gaia <Death/Doom>

December 13: The Warriors – Monomyth <Hardcore>

December 20: OAKLone <Doom Metal>

December 23: VerthebralAbysmal Decay <Death Metal>

January 10: SnorlaxII <Black/Sludge>

January 17: Odious MortemSynesthesia <Tech Death>

January 17: Porta Nigra Schöpfungswut <Avant Garde/Black Metal>

January 17: SvarttjernShame Is Just A Word <Black Metal>

January 24: IronswordServants Of Steel <Heavy Metal>

January 31: Body Snatcher This Heavy Void <Slam>

January 31: Deathwhite Grave Image <Gothic Metal>

February 7: KrosisA Memoir Of Free Will <Death Groove>

February 7: OrthodoxLet It Take Its Course

TBA 2020: King DiamondThe Institute <Heavy Metal>

2019 releases:

Here are general 2019 releases with decent art, in 2020 I will reset this whole page and it will go from Jan 1st through to the end of the year rather than releases being transferred here upon release. This will be archived.

17821782 <Doom Metal> (7)

AbbathThe Outstrider <Black Metal> (7.8)

AbductionAll Pain As Penance <Black Metal>

Abrahma In Time For The Last Rays Of Light <Doom/Rock>

Abysmal LordExaltation of The Infernal Cabal <Black Metal>

AbyssalA Beacon In The Husk <Black Metal>

ABYTHICConjuring the Obscure <Black Metal>

A Constant Knowledge Of DeathVol III: Part A & B <Post-hardcore> (Double Dose)

Advent SorrowKali Yuga Crown <Black Metal> (8.5)

Aeons AbyssPity Eloquence <Death Metal> (Aussie Metal)

AgabasDebut EP <Death Jazz> (Micro)

AkashaCanticles of the Sepulchral Deity <Black Metal> (8.5)

All HellThe Witch’s Grail <Death Rock>

Altar DefecationAnno Domini Luciferum <Aussie BM> (Micro)

And Hell Followed WithChimerical Reality <Deathcore> (7.8)

ANIFERNYENAugur <Black/Death>

A Million Dead Birds LaughingTo The Ether < Aussie Tech Death> (7)

Ampallang Infection – Violation <Grindcore> (Esoteric Tape)

AnticosmThe Call of the Void <Black/Death>

ArchivistTriumvirate <Post-hardcore> (10)

ARCTIC SLEEPKindred Spirits <Post-Metal/Doom>

ARGHASTChapel Perilous <Black Metal>

ARCTOSBeyond the Grasp of Mortal Hands <Melo Black>

ARROWHEADCoven of the Snake <Stoner Rock>

ASAGRAUMDawn of Infinite Fire <Black Metal> (9)

AshlandsPyre <Atmospheric Black>

ASTRODEATHAstrodeath <Sludge/Grunge>

ATLANTEAN KODEX – The Course of Empire <Epic Doom>

AVALANCHEInterstellar Movement <Heavy Metal>

BaestVenenum <Death Metal>

BASTARD GRAVEDiorama Of Human Suffering <Death Metal>

BEHEADEDOnly Death Can Save You <Death Metal>

BLACKHELM – Dark Clouds of the Inferno <Melodeath/Black>

Black MountainDestroyer <Stoner Rock> (9)

BLACKWATER BURIALThe Prison of Belief <Prog Death>

BloodlustBlack Mass <Death Metal>

Bloodlust (AU) – Leather, Steel and Hell <Blackened Speed> (Esoteric Tape)

Blood Red ThroneFit To Kill <Death Metal>

Body VoidYou Will Know The Fear You Forced Upon Us <Hardcore Sludge> (8.2)

BOOK OF WYRMSRemythologizer <Stoner Doom>

BOUND IN FEARThe Hand of Violence <Brutal Death/Beatdown>

Bright CurseTime Of The Healer <Stoner Rock> (9)

BURIAL REMAINSTrinity of Deception <Death/Grind>

BUZZHERDCulling The Herd <Death Metal>

CABLETake The Stairs to Hell <Atmospheric Doom>

Carnal TombAbhorrent Veneration <Death Metal>

Celestial GraveLamentation <Black Metal>

Cerebral RotOdious Descent Into Decay <Black/Death>

CHRONOCLOPSChronoclops <Stoner Doom>

CLITERATIUgly Truths / Beautiful Lies <Hardcore>

CLOUD RATPollinator <Grindcore>

CoffinsBeyond The Circular Demise <Death Doom>

COGNIZANCEMalignant Dominion <Death Metal>

COME BACK FROM THE DEADThe Rise of the Blind Ones <Black/Crust>

ConjurerCurse These Metal Hands <Doom/Sludge/Hardcore>

CONTEMPTMENTTriumph Through Elimination <Hardcore/Death>

ConsecrationFragilium <Black Metal>

ConsummationThe Great Solar hunter <Death/Doom> (10)

CorpsefleshRearranged With A Twelve Gauge <Death Metal> (9)

Crimson MoonMors Vincit Omnia <Melodic Black Metal>

Critical DefianceMisconception <Thrash Metal>

CRUIKSHANKCruikshank <Sludge Metal>

Crypt CrawlerTo The Grave (Australian Heavypedia)

Crypt SermonThe Ruins of Fading Light <Epic Doom>

Cult Of LunaA Dawn To Fear <Post Metal>

CURSE OF DENIALComing For Your Soul <Black Metal>

CyttorakUnderdark Invasion From Beyond The Shadow Of The Warp <Hardcore Sludge> (8.4)

Damnation DefacedThe Devourer <Death Metal>

DARKENEDInto The Blackness <Death Metal>

DARKENDSpiritual Resonance <Black Metal>

DAXMARuins Upon Ruins EP <Post-Metal/Doom>

Dead Acid PeopleEarth, Weed, Fire <Stoner Rock> (9)

Dead Eyed SpiderThe Thrill Of The City <Heavy Metal>

Dead SacramentsCelestial Throne <Stoner Doom>

Dead WitchesLay, Demon <Stoner Doom>

DeadspaceThe Grand Disillusionment <Black Metal>

DECAYEDThe Oath of Heathen Blood <Black Metal>


DefeaterSelf-Titled <Hardcore>

DEKADENTThe Nemean Ordeal <Black/Death>

Dethrone the CorruptedSintrophia <Tech Death>

DesecresyTowards Nebulae <Death Metal>

DEVOURMENTObscene Majesty <Brutal Death> (8.5)

DiocletianInvincibility Through Strife <Black Metal>

DisentombThe Decaying Light <Brutal Death> (9)

DISILLUSIONThe Liberation <Melo/Prog Death>

DISOWNINGHuman Cattle <Tech Death>

DISRUPTEDThe Procrastination of Being <Death/Thrash>

DistantTyrannotophia <Beatdown>

DOMINATION INC.Memoir 414 <Thrash>

ESCHATONDeath Obsession <Melodeath> (7.7)

ECLIPSERPathos <Black Metal>

Elevators To the Grateful SkyNude

EnbilulugugalWe Hope You Fvkken Hate It

ENGULFTranscend <Death Metal>

ENTOMBED A.DBowels of the Earth <Death Metal>


EREB ALTORJärtecken <Epic Doom>

EschatonDeath Obsession <Brutal Tech Death> (7.7)

ESSENCE OF DATUMSpellcrying Machine

EstonerTahm <Post Metal> (8.2)

ETERNAL RESTThe Picture of Hatred <Death Metal>

ETERNAL STORMCome The Tide <Melodeath>

Everest QueenDead Eden <Death/Doom> (8.7)

EXCUSEProphets From the Occultic Cosmos <Blackened Speed>

EXHORDER – Mourn the Southern Skies

Faerie RingThe Clearing <Stoner Doom> (7.7)



Feradur – Legion

FerriteriumLe Dernier Livre <Melodic Black Metal> (7.5)

FINSTERFORSTZerfall <Folk Black Metal>

FirelinkThe Inveterate Fire <Melodic Black Metal> (8)

FIRESPAWNAbominate <Melodeath> (8.6)

FREEDOM OF FEARNocturnal Gates <Black/Death>

Frozen Planet….1969 – Meltdown On The Horizon <Jazz Metal>

Full Of HellWeeping Choir <Grindcore> (8.8)

Fuming MouthThe Grand Descent <Death Metal>

GalaxyLost From the Start <Heavy Metal>

GATES TO THE MORNINGReturn to Earth <Folk Black Metal>

GeistSwarming Season <Hardcore/Sludge> (8.6)

GODAGAINSTSummoning Chaotic Annihilation <Death Metal>

GoblinWhen the worst nightmare becomes real <Black Metal>

GrimdorStone Of The Hapless <Dungeon Synth/Black Metal> (10)(Interview)

GRIMAWill of the Primordial <Atmospheric Black Metal>

GUILT TRIPRiver of Lies <Beatdown Hardcore>

GurtBongs Of Praise <Stoner doom> (7)

GURTHANGAscension <Black Metal>

HAMMERFALLDominon <Power Metal>

Hard MindCorrupted Souls <Hardcore/Metalcore> (6.8)

HATEAuric Gates of Veles <Black Metal>

HATRIOTFrom Days Unto Darkness <Thrash Metal>

HauntIf Icarus Could Fly <Heavy Metal> (8)

HAUNTERSacramental Death Qualia <Black Metal>

HawkeyesLast Light Of Future Failure <Stoner Rock>

HELL BENTApocalyptic Lamentations <Black/Thrash>

HellripperBlack Arts & Alchemy EP <Blackened Speed> (9)

HEXGod Has No Name <Death Doom>

HIVEMost Vicious Animal <Slam/Grindcore>

HolokastrialEchoes From The Devil Valry <Death Metal>

Horrific DemiseExcruciating Extermination <Brutal Death> (8.8)

HorrisonousA Culinary Cacophony <Death/Sludge> (9)

HyperdontiaA Vessel Forlorn <Death Metal>

IDOLATRYIn Nomine Mortis

Immortal BirdThrive On Neglect <Death/Sludge> (7)

InculterFatal Vision <Black/Speed>

Inert – Vermin <Death Metal>

Infant AnnihilatorThe Battle Of Yaldabaoth <Technical Deathcore> (9.5)

INFERNAL CONJURATIONInfernale Metallum Mortis <Black/Death>

IngestedCall Of The Void EP <Slam>

Intruder INCDeviation Formula <Tech Death>

InsomniumHeart Like A Grave <Melo Death> (9.6)

Iron CrownBefore The Void <Stoner Rock> (7)

IthacaThe Language Of Injury <Mathcore> (8.5)

ITHIESTIthiest <Black Metal>

KEYS OF ORTHANCA Battle in the Dark Lands of the Eye <Epic Black Metal>

KNAAVESThe Serpent’s Root <Metallic Hardcore>

Knocked LooseA Different Shade Of Blue <Hardcore> (9.2)

KoboldMasterpace <Speed/Thrash>

KryptsCadaver Circulation <Black Metal>

Kublai Khan TXAbsolute <Metalcore> (8)

Lord GoreScalpels for Blind Surgeons <Death Metal>

Luminous VeilScald with Fever and Opulence <BlackGaze>

Maggot CavePub Full Of Maggots <Grindcore> (9.69)

MakkmatBeina Brenner <Grindcore>

Mental CrueltyInferis <Slam>

MemoriamRequiem For Mankind <Death Metal>

MGLAAge of Excuse <Black Metal>

MithridaticTetanos Mystique <Black/Death>

MIZMORCairn  <Black Metal> (8.5)

MONOLORDNo Comfort <Doom Metal>

MorkDet Svarte Juv <Black Metal> (7.8)

MournerApogee of Nihility <Death/Doom>

MURDER MADE GODEndless Return <Death Metal>

MUTILATREDIngested Filth <Brutal Death>

NecroNew EP  <Stoner rock>

NIGHT ETERNALThe Night Eternal <Heavy Metal>

NIGHTFELLA Sanity Deranged <Death/Doom>

NOCTURNAL BREEDWe Only Came for the Violence <Death Metal>

Nocturnus AD Paradox <Death Metal> (9.5)

No Man’s ValleyOutside the Dream <Stoner Rock>

No One Knows What The Dead ThinkSelf titled <Grindcore>

NucleusEntity <Death Metal> (8)

October TideIn Splendor Below <Doom Metal> (8)

OcultumResidue <Death Doom> (8)

Omophagia646965 <Death Metal>

ORK BASTARDSWarmongers Of The Gloomy Lands <Black/Thrash>

OrphalisThe Approaching darkness <Tech Death>

OSSOMANCERArtes Magickae <Black Metal>

OV LUSTRATempestas <Melodic Black/Death>

PALE GREY LOREEschatology <Stoner Doom>

PANDEMONIUMMonuments of Tragedy <Melo Death Doom>

PathologyReborn To Kill <Brutal Death>

Pestilent DeathChapters Of Depravity <Death/Black>

Pestis InferosBeyond The Veil Of Light <Black Metal>

PinewalkerMigration <Sludge/Doom>

PINTO GRAHAMDos <Stoner Rock>

POWER FROM HELL Profound Evil Presence <Black Metal>

PræternaturaScars of the Archangel <Psych Black>

ProcrastinateDiscog <Crust/Hardcore>

RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTERCaverns of Perdition <Death Metal>

REDSCALEFeed Them To The Lions <Stoner Rock>

REFLEX MACHINEInterzone <Post-Metal>

REPENTCondemned To Fail <Thrash Metal>

RIPPED TO SHREDSDemon Scriptures <Death/Grind>

Rogga JohanssonEntrance To The Otherwhere <Swedish Death> (8.5)

Rotting ChristThe Heretics <Melodic Black Metal> (8.6)

Ruff MajikTarn <Stoner Doom> (9)

SabatonThe Great War <Power Metal> (8.8)

SACRED REICHAwakening <Thrash Metal>

Secret BandLP 2 <Metalcore/Post-hardcore> (9.1)

Serpent Of GnosisAs I Drink From The Infinite Well Of Inebriation <Grindcore> (7.8)

SLAUGHTBBATHAlchemical Warfare <Blackened thrash>

SLOMATICS – Canyons <Stoner Rock>

Smash PotaterSuburban Legends <Thrash/Grindcore>

Snøgg – Chhinnamasta <Black/Post>

SolusInsight <Symphonic Black Metal> (8.0)

Son Of A WitchCommanded by Cosmic Forces <Stoner Rock>

SONS OF FAMINEAs Razors Gnaw Like Wolves <Black Metal>

SORCERYNecessary Excess of Violence <Blackened Speed>

Soul Of AnubisThe Last Journey <Progressive Thrash> (6.8)

SPACE GOD RITUALThe Unknown Wants You Dead! <Doom Metal>

SPELL OF DARKThe Vastness <Atmospheric Black Metal>

Spirit AdriftDivided By Darkness <Heavy Metal> (7.9)

StrangulationViolence in Degraded Mindset <Brutal Death>

Sugar WoundsMechanical Friends <Grindgaze> (8)

SuperfatGuadal <Stoner Rock> (7.8)

SuperstitionThe Anatomy Of Unholy Transformation <Death Metal>

SUPERTERRESTIALThe Void That Exists <Black Metal>

Swallow The SunWhen A Shadow Is Forced Into Light <Doom Metal> (9.5)

SwarnBlack Flame Order <Swedish Death>

TEMPLE OF DEMIGODOnslaught of the Ancient Gods <Symphonic Black Metal>

The Callous DaoboysDie On Mars <Mathcore> (9)

The HoleumSublime Emptiness <Dark Ambient/Post-Metal>

The HuThe Gereg <Folk Metal> (8.9)

THE NEGATIVE BIASNarcissus Rising <Atmospheric Black Metal>


THE RITUAL AURAVelothi <Morrowind Metal>

THICKETDescend Into Darkness

Tomb MoldPlanetary Clairvoyance <Death Metal> (Micro)

TortVoid Addiction <Doom Metal>

Trench WarfareHatred Warfare <Black/Death>

TWILIGHT FORCEDawn of the Dragonstar <Power Metal>

Ultar Pantheon MMXIX <Black Metal>

UNBURNTArcane Evolution <Black/Death>

URNIron Will of Power <Blackened Thrash>

UrzaThe Omnipresense of Loss <Funeral Doom> (Micro)

VALARAUKARDemonian Abyssal Visions <Black Metal>

VargravReign In Supreme Darkness <Black Metal>

VastumReveries In Autophagia <Black Metal>

VitriolTo Bathe From The Throat Of Cowardice <Death Metal>

VOID KINGBarren Dominion <Stoner Doom>

WANDARZyklus <Atmospheric Black Metal>

WARCRABDamned In Endless Night <Death/Sludge>

WHITE MANTISSacrifice Your Future <Thrash Metal>

Winter EternalRealm Of The Bleeding Shadows <Black Metal> (Micro)

Witch RitualDeath:Beyond <Doom Metal> (9.0)

WITCH VOMITBuried Deep In A Bottomless Grave <Death Metal> (8)

WormedMetaportal EP <Death Metal> (Micro)

WORMWOODNattarvet <Melodic Black Metal>

WOUNDVACThe Road Ahead <Grindcore>

WRAITHAbsolute Power <Black/thrash>

YEAR OF THE GOATNovis Orbis Terrarum Ordinis <Doom Rock>

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