All new metal releases I like the look of I’ve added to this list, which starts below a short feed of coverage of upcoming releases. Check them out for a more detailed look into the future of metal. The links in the list go to Bandcamp, Spotify or Metal Archives. This is not a complete list or nor do I want it to be, it’s a list of albums with covers that interest me or that I want to remind myself of. Includes stuff from my email inbox so be sure to submit early. Now also includes posts from affiliate publications.

Featured albums:

Doomraiser – The Dark Side of Europa 8.5
(Jan 24th, 2020)
Doom Metal
Grey Skies Fallen – Cold Dead Lands 7.5
(Jan 24th, 2020)
Death Doom
Moloken – Unveilance Of Dark Matter 9
(January 31st, 2020)
Prog Metal/Post Hardcore
Deathwhite – Grave Image NEWS
(January 31st, 2020)
Gothic Metal
Ainsoph – “Ω – V” 10
(February 2nd, 2020)
Post Black/Post Punk
Atavisma/Void Rot – Split 9.0
(February 7th, 2020)
Death Doom
Krosis – A Memoir Of Free Will 8.2
(February 7th 2020)
Progressive Deathcore
Ironflame – Blood Red Victory 8.0
(February 7th, 2020)
Heavy Metal
Holycide – Fist To Face 7.5
(February 14th, 2020)
Thrash Metal
Colosso – Apocalypse 9
(February 14th, 2020)
Death Metal
Izthmi – The Arrows Of Our Ways 8.7
(Febuary 14th, 2020)
Black Metal
Xenobiotic – Mordrake 7.8 (February 21st 2020)
Tech Deathcore
Postvorta – Porrima 9
(Feb 20th 2020)
Cinematic Doom
Crypt Crawler – Blood Sustenance NEWS
(March 13th, 2020)
Death Metal
Hyborian – Vol II NEWS
(March 20th, 2020)
Progressive Stoner Doom
Wardaemonic – Acts Of Repentance 9.5
(March 20th, 2020)
Black Metal
Igorrr – Spirituality and Distortion NEWS
(March 27th, 2020)
Avant Garde

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