Review: Jesus Piece – Only Self 8.8

September 28, 2018 CarcassBOMB 0

These guys are heavy as fuck and I don’t just mean they use ridiculous amounts of gain, every element present is a source of chaos and menace. Only Self maintains a certain level of aggression and anger and then somehow still manages to transition into segments and breakdowns that take it to an even darker level. It’s no surprise that it had production from Andy Nelson of Weekend Nachos and mastering by Brad Boatright who also did Nails.

Review: Baptists – Beacon of Hope 7.5

September 25, 2018 CarcassBOMB 0

Alright, time for a hardcore record. Beacon of Faith is very metallic to be fair, bordering on thrash metal. This is their first release in four years so for me this one kind of came out of nowhere and it’s a nice surprise. I hadn’t heard of them before but in the years since their last album I have grown an appreciation for metallic hardcore with bands like Converge and Code Orange. Baptists are similar to those bands but keep it much closer to hardcore punk thanks to the fact that what metal influence they do have is likely an older generation of thrash metal or even Motorhead more than metalcore. It works well, it maintains the heart of hardcore while making it more interesting than the usual stuff. There are a couple of tracks that are closer to being straight up metal, making this Beacon of Faith a good entry point into hardcore for metalheads.