A handy list of labels with NSBM bands, owners or ties. Organized by country in case you’re interested in your own scene specifically. Constructed for the purpose of being able to use CONTROL+F to search for a specific label so you can avoid funding the far right (And for me to use to vet black metal submitted for review). The links go to their Metal Archives page as it has all the info in one place: current roster, past roster, links, email etc and people can explore it to see for themselves (Plus this page won’t direct traffic to the label sites). I only bother with labels releasing in the last couple of years, I don’t care about old labels that have stopped. Many other less complete lists include long-defunct labels. My focus is on labels that are still active and will continue to be active. Considering that qualifier, it’s intense how many NSBM labels are going right now.

Before anyone gets upset over this, YOU CAN STILL LISTEN TO THE MUSIC. No one is taking anything away from you. I’m just trying to service people who already want to avoid nazis.

If anyone loudly apolitical or on the far-right are upset by what I have done here then you are weak and I now own your frustration, I have become more powerful. You stupid snowflake fuck.

About how bands were added:

The first wave of bands were added because the label tagged themselves as NSBM on Metal Archives. It’s that simple, no further proof needed.

The second wave, I searched for current active bands with lyrical themes of National Socialism, White Supremacy and other keywords, opened them all in new tabs and looked at what labels they were on. These labels mostly just tagged themselves as black metal and not NSBM so this is how I found many of the lower key ones.

The third wave, I read through articles by anti-fascist activists and found a lot more outed bands and labels, digging the hole further. I’ll add resources I used for this list to the bottom of this page.

Ongoing wave, I’ll appreciate anyone contributing to this list if they know something is missing or inaccurate. I would need to be able to access evidence of them being Nationalist Socialist or otherwise involved in Nazism. Evidence could be a specific band on their roster or articles, or social posts made by the label. Leave a comment below or email noobheavyau@gmail.com

I tried to be nuanced.

NSBM label – a label dedicated to servicing the genre overtly or that has an overwhelming amount NS bands and is known for their politics. These kinds of labels have the potential to be tied to real activists within the far right and the potential to fund real fascism within their home countries, including nazi festivals.

NSBM bands – Labels that arent explicitly NSBM but have NS bands on their roster, often many bands, sometimes few. No business morals, likely loudly claim to be “apolitical” all the time while also directly or indirectly funding the far right. Likely to include NSBM labels I couldn’t entirely identify. This category in no way signifies “lesser crime”.

RAC – Rock Against Communism bands, usually thrash, hardcore etc. The non-BM counterpart that is usually on the same labels or at least tied to white supremacy and anti-Semitism.

Nazi affiliated label owner – Includes label heads who collaborate with other NS labels or distributors or other nazi affiliations. Nazi apologists.

NS Sublabel – The label may not be NS but has an NS-orientated sublabel, thus distributing and profiting from NS. I hold the parent labels accountable by mentioning them, and I have cut ties with parent labels of NS sub-labels all the same.

Debated – Heavily debated by the community since the publication of this list for one reason or another but at the very least have one observable strike to their name. This has been prompted by the inclusion of Profound Lore, which I believe belongs on this list but requires more proven research or extends beyond the realm of nazism. Consume at your own risk.

Scumbag – There’s a lot of reasons to boycott a label and I have decided to keep this article strictly far-right nazi orientated for now, as it’s a lot of work to expand beyond that at this point in the process. At some point, the inclusion of non-nazi orientated bigotry or assault will be a thing. Reach out if you are able to help in this realm, my tools are better designed for nazi hunting.


Dark Hidden Productions – NSBM label
Southern Plague Records – NSBM label


Asgard Musik – NSBM label
Dark Adversary Productions – Nazi affiliated label owner


Acta Non Verba Rex – NSBM/RAC label
Arte Ancestral Records – NSBM label
Battlefront Distro – NSBM label
Hammer Of Damnation – NSBM label
Pagan War Distro Rex – NSBM label


La Barricade – NSBM label
Orthbhaiss Bethad Productions – New NSBM label
Profound LoreDebated. Nazi affiliated label owner (article at bottom) A lot more research is required to explore beyond the Disma connection and nazi affiliation with them. A lot of people in the community have protested PL due to the label head preferring to be an apologist for band behavior rather than dealing with it. This however isn’t presentable in article fashion so any receipts that can be provided to me will help. The single affiliated nazi is enough for PL to not be removed but instead changed to Debated so that you may make up your own mind with the evidence at hand.
Tour de Garde – NSBM bands/Nazi affiliated label owner


Atomik Nuclear Desolation Productions – NSBM bands
Ingo Perzel Promotion – NSBM bands


GoatowaRex – NSBM bands


Bestial Burst – NSBM bands
Breath of Pestilence – NSBM label
No Sign Of Life Records – NSBM label
Northern Heritage Recordings – NSBM label (MGLA is on the roster, if you had any doubts about MGLA)
Out Of The Dungeon – NSBM label
Spread Evil Productions – Nazi affiliated owner
Werewolf Records – NSBM label


Byelobog productions – Varg from Burzum’s own label
Drakkar Productions – NSBM bands
Forgotten Wisdom Productions – NSBM bands
La Mesnie Herlequin – NSBM label
Maltkross Productions – RAC/NSBM label
Sang & Sol Productions – NSBM label
Season Of Mist Underground Activists – sublabel of Season Of Mist often used to peddle NSBM – also does merch for INQUISITION. This is one of the lesser-known giant ones, or most intentionally overlooked. We no longer review SoM releases here, even if they have a lot of the good ones, apolitical capitalism isn’t a good enough excuse to support such ideologies.


Blut & Eisen Productions – Nazi affiliated label owner
Christhunt Productions – NSBM bands
Darker Than Black Records – NSBM label
Front Records – NSBM/RAC label
Glaube-Wille-Tat Produktionen – RAC label
Hammerbund – NSBM label
Iron Bonehead Production – Nazi affiliated label owner
Nebelfee Klangwerke – NSBM label
Nervengas Versand – New NSBM label
Neuschwabenland Propaganda – NSBM/RAC label
Obscure Abhorrence Productions – NSBM bands
One People One Struggle – NSBM/RAC label
PC Records – NSBM/RAC label


Totenkopf Propaganda – NSBM label


IG Farben – NSBM label
Pagan Moon – NSBM label
White Wolf Productions – NSBM label


Hidden Marly Production – NSBM bands


Aryan War Distribution – NSBM label


MTD Production – NSBM/RAC label
Produksi Warisan Nusantara – NSBM label


Azermedoth Records – NSBM bands
ONSP – NSBM label
The Flame of Lvcifer Recs – New NSBM label
Warkvlt – NSBM label


Zwaertgevegt – NSBM bands


Act Of Hate Records – NSBM label
Agonia Records – Scumbag (Signed pedo/nazi affiliated Inquisition)(Also, I personally witnessed them in confrontation online with an abuse victim who called them out, absolute fuckhead)
Eastside – RAC/NSBM label
Grey Wolf Records – NSBM label
Hammerbolt Productions – NSBM bands
Heritage Recordings – NSBM label
Lower Silesian Stronghold – NSBM/RAC label
No Solace – Nazi affiliated label owner (Second shoutout to MGLA)
Putrid Cult – NSBM/RAC bands
Temple of Chaos Production – NSBM bands
Werewolf Promotions – NSBM label
Wolfspell Records – NSBM bands


Cruentus – NSBM label


Barbatos Productions – NSBM/RAC label
BlazeBirth Hall – NSBM bands
CD-Maximum – NSBM bands
COD Music And Distro – NSBM bands
Der Schwarze Tod – NSBM bands
Last Round Records – NSBM/RAC label
MSR Productions – NSBM label
Cvlminis – NSBM label
Rigorism Production – NSBM sublabel Cvlminis
Satanath Records – NSBM bands (Burzum merch). I copped an email once from this label asking for help spread the word about them being banned on FB for NSBM


Blackwinds Productions – NSBM bands


Midgård Records – RAC/NSBM label
Salute Records – NSBM label


BergStolz – NSBM label
Terror Records – NSBM bands


Militant Zone – NSBM label
Oriana Music – NSBM label

United Kingdom

Sceptre and Crown – NSBM label

United States Of America

Acclaim Records – NSBM label
Beasst Productions – NSBM label
Black Metal Cult Records – NSBM/RAC label
Brotherhood Of Light – NSBM label
Crepúsculo Negro – Nazi affiliated label owner
CW PRoductions – NSBM bands
Doomsday Elite – NSBM label
Freivolk – RAC label
Hell’s Headbangers Records – NSBM bands
Moribund Records – NSBM bands (They even tried to sue Paypal and others for de-platforming their NSBM bands lmao)(Originally found on this post)
Northern Blood Productions – NSBM label
Nuclear War Now! Productions – NSBM bands AND nazi festivals
Odio Bronce – NSBM label
Razed Soul Productions – NSBM bands
Resistance Records – NSBM/White power label
Strong Survive Records – NSBM/RAC label
Vinland Elite Productions – NSBM label
Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution – NSBM label
Winter Solace Productions – NSBM label with white nationalist sublabels
Wolftyr Productions – NSBM label


Resources used: