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A reference list of labels with NSBM and NS metal bands. There’s two lists to avoid confusion. It has been constructed for the purpose of being able to use CONTROL+F to search for a specific label so you can avoid funding the far right on your next purchase (And for me to use to vet black metal submitted for review). The links go to their Metal Archives page as it has all the info in one place: current roster, past roster, links, email etc and people can explore it to see for themselves. I only bother with labels releasing or remaining popular in the last few years, I don’t care about old labels that have stopped operating or are so small that this list would get them more attention than they can get on their own. I also exclude very obvious named labels as I don’t think anyone will “accidentally” buy from White Power records and so on. Considering that qualifier, it’s intense how many NSBM labels are going right now. READ AT BOTTOM of page for information on how bands are added and research items used before contacting us.

If you have more information about labels on the second list that you believe belong in the first list, or to submit labels for review, contact I don’t just use Metal Archives, I also spend a lot of time browsing the social pages of bands and labels in questions as well as their own websites and bandcamp pages.

Before anyone gets upset over this, YOU CAN STILL LISTEN TO THE MUSIC. No one is taking anything away from you. I’m just trying to service people who already want to avoid nazis. If you believe a mistake has been made, then contact me via There is a threshold, if you sell too many nazi affiliated bands, then you become a nazi activist through your actions, regardless of your personal political stance. You can’t be apolitical and then also distribute political materials!

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Last update June 9th, 2021

Key terms: NS = National Socialist, NSBM = National Socialist Black Metal, RAC = Rock Against Communism, Nazi affiliated owner = means they’re on the list regardless of what is on their actual roster

List of National Socialist labels and labels with white supremacy ties

Acclaim Records
Acta Non Verba Rex
Act Of Hate Records
A Fine Day to Die Records
Arte Ancestral Records
Asgard Musik
Australibus Tenebris

Barbatos Productions
Bestial Burst – massive white supremacist compilation
Black Metal Cult Records
Black Metal Store – NSBM sublabel of Hammer OF Damnation
Blasphemous Attack Productions
Blut & Eisen Productions – Nazi affiliated label owner
Breath of Pestilence
Brotherhood Of Light
Brutal Panzer Assault Records

Caligo Arcanum Productions
Crepúsculo Negro – Nazi affiliated label owner
Czertog Promotion

Dark Adversary Productions – Nazi affiliated label owner
Dark Hidden Productions
Darker Than Black Records
Dark Terror Temple

Ewiges Eis Records
Fallen Temple

Hatework Propaganda
Hammer Of Damnation
Hass Weg Productions
Hell Is Here Production
Hellthrasher Productions – (Stocks merch for Profound Lore, Kvlt, Northern Heritage and other labels on this list)
IG Farben
Iron Bonehead Production – Nazi affiliated label owner/Nazi organizer

Kvlt – And it’s sublabel Hammer Of Hate

Lower Silesian Stronghold
Maltkross Productions
Midgård Records
Militant Zone
Moribund Records – Tried to sue Paypal and others for de-platforming their NSBM bands
MTD Production

Nebelfee Klangwerke
Neuschwabenland Propaganda
New Era PRoductions
No Colors Records
No Sign Of Life Records
Northern Heritage Recordings
No Solace – Nazi affiliated label owner
Nuclear War Now! Productions – NS festival organiser
Nykta Records

Odium Records
One People One Struggle
Onism Productions
Osmose Productions
Out Of The Dungeon

Pagan War Distro Rex
PC Records
Profound Lore – Nazi affiliated label owner who is well-known for various levels of apologist and shithead behavior. Transphobic bands like Lord Mantis and other abusers.
Resistance Records
Rigorism Production – NSBM sublabel of Cvlminis

Salute Records
Sceptre and Crown
Season Of Mist Underground Activists – sublabel of Season Of Mist used to peddle NSBM – also does merch for INQUISITION.
Southern Plague Records
Spread Evil Productions – Nazi affiliated owner
Sturmglanz Black Metal Manufaktur
Stunde des Ideals Produktionen
Sword PRoductions

Terror Records
The Oath – NSBM sublabel (White Wolf)
Tour de Garde – Nazi affiliated label owner

Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution
War Arts Productions
Werewolf Promotions
Werewolf Records
White Wolf Productions
World Terror Committee – Nazi affiliated owner
Winter Solace Productions

List of labels who aren’t explicitly a NSBM platform but have no problem platforming NSBM musicians, abusers, rapists and other assorted shitstains.

Fuck your profits, this is our scene.

Agonia Records – Scumbag (Signed pedo/nazi Inquisition)(I personally witnessed them in confrontation online with an abuse victim who called them out and they flat out defended Inquisition)
Analög Ragnarök

Hell’s Headbangers Records – A lot of bands featuring far right members as well as abusers.

Les Fleurs du Mal Productions – Shares roster with Profound Lore/Iron Boneheads and put out Leviathan comp
Life After Death – Mortuary Descent vocalist Necro got outed for sexual assault, proceeded to victim blame in response, the band backed him up (minus Luis who left in disgust) then their label Life After Death tweeted all night long victim-blaming and doubling down. Threatened legal action for “Telecommunications harassment” against people quoting him and calling him out. – May 2021

Satanath Records – Started an email campaign (Which I personally recieved) to ask promoters to help pressure FB to unban him for posting burzum merch he sells and change their rules. “Free speech” type.

Resources for further reading

Wiki articles:


Fascist Symbolism

Black Sun (Symbol)

Articles About Specific Labels/Bands:

Neo-Nazi ties of Never Surrender Fest (Iron Bonehead and Nuclear War Now!)

The Problem with Taake Isn’t Just the Swastika Chest Paint Incident

Video: Watain Guitarist Set Teitan Gave the Nazi Salute at Another Show

Other Lists Or Resources For Identifying NS Bands:

A Beginners Guide To Heavy Metal Nazi Hunting Online

Record Labels To Avoid – RateYourMusic

A Guide To Avoiding Nazi Black Metal Bands

Articles About Fascist Adjacent Trends and Movements:

Paganism and the far right

Essays, Anecdotes and Interviews:

The Nazis are invading Black Metal

White Supremacists Are Using Black Metal To Promote Hate

Heavy Metal Confronts Its Nazi Problem

Ex-Skinhead: “This Was Never Just About Inquisition”

About how bands were added:

The first wave of bands were added because the label tagged themselves as NSBM on Metal Archives. It’s that simple, no further proof needed.

The second wave, I searched for current active bands with lyrical themes of National Socialism, White Supremacy and other keywords, opened them all in new tabs and looked at what labels they were on. These labels mostly just tagged themselves as black metal and not NSBM so this is how I found many of the lower key ones.

The third wave, I read through articles by anti-fascist activists and found a lot more outed bands and labels, digging the hole further. I’ll add resources I used for this list to the bottom of this page as well as tips for sleuthing on metal archives yourself.

Ongoing wave, I’ll appreciate anyone contributing to this list if they know something is missing or inaccurate. Leave a comment below or email A lot of ongoing labels added will be more cryptic additions that have bands who the community have pretty much confirmed are nazi’s but don’t nessecarily present their music in that way. This is a lot of bands who have said dumb shit on socials or have performed at nazi festivals and such.

Locations that can reveal information via MEtal Archives: Members current/previous bands, lyrics, album art (list of fascist symbols below), label, album titles and if all else fails, I find going to their links sections and viewing their social media to be VERY informative, whether its black metal dudes ranting about ANTIFA or posting their covers of Burzum songs in 2021.

When I find an NS band I don’t just hit their current label. I look at their split releases, check the other band’s pages and their labels. It just keeps sprawling and sprawling.

Browsing rosters of defunct labels that identify as NS outright on metallum, opening their roster in tabs and seeing if any of the NS bands are still active and what label they are on now (That doesn’t outright state they are NS labels and harder to find otherwise)