Submissions & PR

Noob Heavy always enjoys submissions of various kinds. If you’re a band and you don’t have a promo package or don’t know what it is, go right to the bottom for a bit of a guide or contact me for further questions. Alternatively I can make one for you and do PR for the release for a socialist pricing (50 plus 100 per head: 150 for solo projects, 250 duo etc).

For free promotion consideration or collaboration, send me your promo packages and early listening links/codes. Physical submissions are encouraged, email for postage details. 

Local bands (Brisbane, visiting Brisbane), I can photograph and film your gig if I am available – it’ll get additional promotion on the Noob Heavy Australia YT channel I am starting.

I contribute on the Metal-Archives and can help with an entry related edits such as adding upcoming albums, editing information and adding my reviews (Carcassbomb)

I am totally employable for major publications.

I am studying a Bachelor Of Fine Arts (writing & film)


If you don’t have a promo package but wish to submit a release for me to listen to then this is what I want and what many other reviewers will want:

Note: In the current climate it’s best to hire PR, as they are in the promotion community already and are more trusted or there’s at least a level of presentation and information expected from a hired PR. PR agents often rely on each other for leads to new articles or interviews, so we’re already linked in.

An introduction.
Links to listen to the music – If it’s widely available (spotify, apple etc) then list them all (Improves odds)

Try to narrow down some of the core themes and ideas behind the work.
Include album art as an attachment. Lyrics can be an option too. I personally pay attention to both of these things but many places won’t.
Include your social media platforms with links. 

The essence of a promo package is to make less research for the person reviewing it, or rather make research easier by including everything in one place (the email).

Just a tip, it can pay to research the websites you submit to, to get a feel for what their angle is. They might not have one but if they do and they have a few projects, then you’ll benefit by being able to ask directly what you’re interested in. This will general illicit a response. 

So if you explored my site, you’d see I do things that cater for metal tapes, an encyclopedia of Australian Metal and some other stuff. If you messaged me asking to add your upcoming release to my upcoming release page then I’d definitely take a look and consider it. Or if you’re Australian and want to work with me on a personalised written piece for your band then express interest in the Australian Heavypedia. If you didn’t research and don’t know these things, then the email I receive is templative, generic, so I meet it with indifference until I can finally get around to turning my email submissions into a list and powering through them. 

Anyway good luck!