Submissions & Services

Submissions – This is where to initiate contact. Socials DMs get buried. Lost. I will repeat this email a lot.

This whole page is a list of services offered by me personally, Carcassbomb (owner). I am currently studying a Bachelor Of Fine Arts (Writing) and have experience in event management/promotion on a local gig level (Cert III Event Management). Where I can’t help you, I can probably link you to someone who can. I don’t charge for my services or time but I can certainly be offered merch for consideration, tickets to shows and album preview links for consideration.

And of course, I’m always happy to be funded out of pure philanthropy (Looking at you, millionaires with good taste in music) or through meaningful sponsorships that are mutually beneficial and pro-community (boo emotionless capitalism). The purpose of the funding would be to offer more resources to alternative practitioners and bands from unique scenes across the world in an attempt to give rise to incredible music that struggles to reach the rest of the world. Often due to their local economical/political barriers. This site is new and constantly improving thanks to a supportive team keeping me dedicated and informed, so I’d love to eventually be able to provide them paid employment and hire an actual web designer.


Bands –

– I generally only feature bands that I enjoy and can write about – don’t hesitate to submit because I am always willing to check something out, if I don’t feel I have a place for it I will tell you that but please come back with future releases – I enjoy seeing growth. I don’t sell reviews or scores, reviews are a form of my expression and practiced appraisal of art.
– EP/LP of both digital and physical for review consideration. Press kits make much less research for me and streamlines the presentation process if I do want to write about it.
– Physical media gets priority, as a uni student in Aus I can’t buy them all so it’s always appreciated – we have writers based in multiple countries as well for a variety of posting options or if you want a specific reviewer.
– I can do early listen reviews with promotion leading up to a new release, these can also double as track premiers.
– I can do interviews (online, phone, in person, whatever) with promotion of merch or tour or track premier. Example piece (sold out tapes).

Aussie Bands –

– Aussie Metal/Rock YouTube channel. I need Australian singles or albums to get started. I don’t expect any exclusivity of the uploaded content, I just want to curate a dedicated Aussie metal channel that’s in the know and consistently showcasing talent. If a bunch of bands can send me videos with permission to upload for promotional purposes, and spread the videos around then I can use it as a platform to market Australian music to overseas audiences by making the awesome stuff easily accessible.
– Aussie Metal/rock bands can also express interest in the Aussie Heavypedia (curative, not completionist)
– I am also interested in collaborating with bands to produce/present tour journals or essays on genre/scene/craft. Unique perspective pieces. Those tour feels.

Visual Artists –

– I have a resource of alternative artists commissioning in the music world on Instagram – Here. I want you on it and need and example piece and IG link. The idea is for bands to use this page to find something suitable to them.
– If you have work that is currently on an album cover definitely hit me with a list so I can look into the records and possibly provide additional promotion through my reviews which aim to always feature the artist of the album art used by the bands.
– If you are a working artist with a few notable albums under your belt, I’d be happy to do an interview presenting you and your craft/metal art inspirations. Here’s an example interview with Luke Oram (Slugdge, Firelink).

Record Labels –

– Whether indie, freelance or established, I’m always happy to hear from labels with new bands or releases. I am happy to keep ongoing communication. If I’m not interested in one submission I might the next, or send multiple
– Noob Heavy has a passionate cassette culture section. As I’m Australian, receiving multiple tapes with one shipping is ideal. I can’t buy them all however (I wish), so I’m always happy to provide varying degrees of promotion in exchange for a variety of tapes sampling your artists. This can range from full sponsorship with presentation space on my site where appropriate to reviewing the product or writing about the scene (I dig zines). I won’t waste your time and money by letting you send me a bunch of stuff that I can’t promote or don’t like – this ensures I can always promote my sponsors authenticity. I will always explore your sites before responding.
– If any labels would be interested in a large funding based sponsorship with Noob Heavy and it’s many projects or keep me in supply of new tapes and merch, I’m open to various possible agreements.
– I promote across two websites, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, bandcamp reviews and where applicable: The Encylopaedia Metallum as an accepted review contributor. Much of it can be presented in a way so bands on your roster can easily share the promo material around.

Australian creatives/Crafts –

– Showrunners – I usually promote shows that I go to but I can’t afford a lot of bigger local shows. I always appreciate a press pass and can offer presentation space on my site and social media. I also would like to use many events for pre-planned interviews or collaborations with bands participating in the Australian Heavypedia I am conducting and planned Australian metal only YouTube channel.
– Photographers – As a part of the Australian Heavypedia I am constructing, I would like to include photos from local shows around Australia. If you would like to submit some photos for use in this project I will happily include a hyperlink to your socials in the piece which will be becoming a very big project.
– Writers who want to review local gigs or write expressive pieces about live shows in Australia, I am interested in your perspective and scene.
– Anyone with a talent who is interested in any of my projects or australian music and alternative culture. I want sound engineering students and people to keep me in the loop about shows from the smallest underground to the big ones. I have many disciplines and can easily find the value in almost any collaboration. I’ll even play guitar. Podcast guest? Brainstorming club. Hell, I’ll join your poetry club.