2018 albums

Album Review: Birds In Row – We Already Lost the World 9 (Post Hardcore)

Birds In Row are one of my favorite hardcore bands so I’ve been looking forward to their 2018 release. It’s dark and emotive but it won’t shy away from throwing a brick in your face. We Already Lost The World is still angry and full of energy, some nervous. The vibe of this album is as much hopelessness than your average doom metal band and as much noise as your average death metal band – even going into heavier vocal territory than what is common for straight up hardcore. […]

Black Metal

Black Metal Week Vol 1

Black metal week is upon us. Some of it is balls to the wall grim and some of it is that “hipster” post black stuff we just can’t get enough of. Noob Heavy embraces musical evolution. I haven’t listened toa huge amount of black metal but almost everything I heard was great. Let’s get into the newest recommendations followed by an overview of everything we’ve covered in 2020 thus far. […]