Album Review: Consummation – The Great Solar Hunter 10 (Black Metal)

Written by Carcassbomb


Brisbane has some great black metal and Consummation is a strong bit of evidence for that. They have such a dark style that sounds like a presence in constant pursuit. It can catch you off guard if you have a tendency to zone out, it forces you back with glorious momentous metal that would be a crime to not acknowledge with a facial expression somewhere between surprise and smelling shit. Seriously, this is really good black metal. They’ve managed to well exceed to expectations I had from hearing their previous EP, Ritual Severance on tape recently. 

Artwork by Russian artist Artem Grigoryev

There’s a good sense of balance across the record, it’s not all an outrageous pummeling, there’s often a sense of emotion that shines through but without changing the speed or momentum. It still feels like an ever approaching nightmare – just a brooding one, or perhaps even a wistful one that relishes in the beauty of the hunt and the surrounding nature. The guitars are a major source of the melody with such vivid and fantastical sounding guitar riffs that creep up on you, out of this dark abrasive black metal. Some of the vocal delivery was outright intimidating with a strong booming quality – commanding. It’s a good mix of feeling and structure, there’s a story here.

“Apotheosis” blew me away, what an incredible track. So many big moments and triumphant vocals ranging from sludgy gurgles to vengeful yelling. It comes to such nice natural peaks with the guitar solos and licks, it feels like the follow through on the powerful blow that is the first half of the album. The mixing and recording is spot on, especially with the drums which are a constantly looming presence in the soundscape. Like the heart beat of creature realizing death is imminent, a persistent thump beneath the chase and demise and after.

The Great Solar Hunter never gets boring, there’s always a new thing happening and it never sounds invasive. They don’t even change style through the tracks, it feels like there’s a masterful alteration of the sound and or recording approach that’s constantly presenting new tones and backdrops. It helps that the vocalist has really good range. Consummation are the Opeth of black metal in a lot of ways, the album structure has a lot of similars to older Opeth albums. It’s a criminey crime that they get just over 500 monthly listeners on Spotify. Lets change that shit.

The Great Solar Hunter feels like a complete record, it’s fleshed and stands up to repeat play and it even has great album art to tie it all together. I wouldn’t change anything, hell, I wouldn’t be capable of it anyway. Here’s hoping for a cassette release.

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