Album Review: Body Void – You Will Know The Fear You Forced Upon Us 8.2 (Sludge)

  • Body Void
  • You Will Know The Fear You Forced Upon Us
  • Sludge Doom
  • USA
  • 2019
  • 8.2/10


This band does not fuck around. This EP immediately starts off with a shitblast to the face in the first millisecond. If I had to describe Body Void in one word it would: Harsh. This is some of the darkest shit to come out this year and it never lets up throughout the record. It often sounds like someone being beaten on the ground by a group of people wearing dirty jackets. Considering their lyrics, it essentially is that.

Artwork by ibayarifin

So who are they beating up? You and me? No, well, hopefully not. The same people we want to beat up. The rule males (meant to say “rule makers” but let’s let this typo sit here), the naysayers and generally anyone who has any comment about others peoples bodies. This is a message that should be more prominent in the heavy music circles considering the clusterfuck this has all been since 2016 with the election of Trump, before then it was merely a fucked cluster. Not only that but because of the racism in metal these days, especially with the black metal crowd trying to “Make BM dangerous again”.

The EP title resonates, “You Will Know The Fear You Forced Upon Us”. I’ve seen some transgender friends of mine have a hard go of it in Australia, being bashed in the streets for their sexual preference. All my life I’ve seen people comment on women’s bodies and tell them what to do. Australia only just legalized abortion within the last year or two. This record speaks to a lot of that and more – to justice, revenge. Any kind of equilibrium. We’re beating up the president. You can’t punch much higher than that.

This record is extremely dark to the point where I sometimes struggle not to call them black metal. They do it sonically and musically, no gimmicks or post editing spookiness and it doesn’t try to scare ya like The Body. This is an expression of darkness through bass, and given the context of the background I just gave and the lyrics on this EP, it’s easy to see why darkness is such a necessary part of this expression.

In a world where you’re free now/You’re status’s not certain/One thing’s for certain/Your privilege is nothing 
Against all of us/You’re broken, you’re beaten/White skin is taken/Gender forsaken/You have nothing left 
You’re nothing, you’re no one/Raised soulless/Without all this/There’s nothing/Die/Die Off

Die Off

Even the song title sums it all up nicely. It’s a sentiment I’ve been feeling, wishing these dinosaurs running my country would die off so the youth have any chance of building something or even having a home. Let’s see more lyrics:

Black Cancer/Black Mold/Paint it red/Overgrown/One answer/One toll/Fist to teeth/Heads roll 

Fascist Cancer

Read it in the paper/Look at both sides/Debate me/For your life/One side is death/For all who aren’t white 
Stomp the alt right

Fascist Cancer

Right? They speak for themselves in such a way that I’ve become redundant by showing them to you. Good stuff.

Musically it’s serviceable to me and some will say it’s their exact thing they needed. Somewhere between me and them is reality. Recently I heard Sunnata by Sunrot (who share the same albumcover artist!) which has somewhat prepared me for this record. It was a little plain after a while in comparison, lacking accentuation. This is just my take though, on preference. There’s likely a purity here in the sounds consistency that people love. It’s doom, it’s droney and vocally there’s isn’t a whole lot of variation either but they are good sludge vocals with that hardcore element.

Overall solid piece of abrasive sludge doom where the strength lies in their communication and presentation.

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