PR Release: Extinction – Smouldering Enfoulment (Eco-Slam)

  • Band: Extinction
  • Album: Smouldering Enfoulment
  • Genre: Eco-Slam, brutal
  • Location: Malmö, Sweden
  • Release date: July 21st, 2020
  • Bandcamp
  • Twitter

Extinction are looking for reviews, interviews, playlists and more. I’m happy to share any coverage provided on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Extinction will also share on Twitter. If you are not on the mailing list just ask me for the press download link.

“leftist millennial assholes go fuck yourself with your crap music”
-Millenialfucker, 28Dec2019

This is one of those projects I love to promote because of there sheer amount of talking points. Publications will have a field day with this one, for better or worse. Extinction is an aggressively environmentally conscious slam band that weaves samples into the chaotic music to tell a story. Their new album Smouldering Enfoulment is a natural continuation of their 2019 demo Anthropogenic Degradation of Ecosystemic Vegetation and the amount of progression made since last year is very impressive. From the composition to the production, this is a chunky album that delivers on it’s promise to crusade for nature.

Smouldering Enfoulment releases July 21, 2020

“This EP encapsulates a variety of disasters, degradations and extinctions of 2019. From trees lost to sand mining and bird species loss to habitat destruction, and international conflagrations wiping out landscapes and exploited by monoliths of power.”

Extinction was recently featured on BRENO’s podcast Undergrounded

One of the most interesting aspects of the project is their recycled merch showing a level of commitment to their message that many other bands shrug off. Every bit of merch produced by Extinction is DIY, as in, they go out to thrift stores to find shirts and cassettes to record over and stamp their own logo over. Every purchase made is it’s own quest!

Furthermore, all proceeds will be donated to one of the following charities/causes:

No Clean Singing premiere

Interview with The Revelator ‘Rage Against the Anthropocene: The Extinction Crisis Get an ‘Eco-slam’ Soundtrack’

Interview with Burning Bitumen metal show on public radio and global stream PBS Victoria.

7.5 at Broken Tomb Magazine

Track listing:

1. Cryptic Tree-Hunter
2. Miss Waldron’s Red Colobus
3. Humane Treatment (Guest vocals by Ivan Belcic)
4. Vachellia Bolei
5. Northern Square-Lipped Rhinoceros
6. Electile Dysfunction (Judiciary Desiccation)
7. Nobregaea Latinervis
8. Victorian Grasslands Earless Dragon Quest (Guest vocals by Cicatrix and Lisa Mann)

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