We have a few mediums of curation and metal promotion that we use now so here’s an overview of our channels.

The Podcasts:

This link

Is where you will find the Noob Heavy podcast shows. Noob Heavy Radio which is me playing airplay promos from labels and underground bands and giving commentary. The Noob Chute is a metal call in podcast where I invite bands to call me, some I know who they are and some I don’t then I play one of their tracks. Every week is a Q&A feature with someone awesome usually with an upcoming album. Feel free to shoot me singles for the Noob Heavy Radio show too with a message for me to read “on air”. Hit up Straight To The Core on my sidebar there too (bottom for mobile) for some airplay opportunities too. We’re friend podcasts basically.

The Noob Chute Episode One: The Black Dahlia Murder

Third Chamber phone call
Crypt Crawler phone call
Fan Q&A with Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder
Fulci phone call
Devilspeak phone call

The Noob Chute Episode Two: Katatonia

Eternal Storm phone call
Fan Q&A with Jonas from Katatonia
Harbinger Of Storms phone call
Religious Observance phone call

The Youtube Channel:

I have a Youtube Channel where I upload Australian releases not yet on Youtube for the most part, so if a band wants an old release on there and get promo from me (I support everything on my channel when I see the chance) then send me the album and I’ll slap the art on and upload it. I’ll also be adding podcast and other shows here soon.

This link

Spotify Playlists:

The emphasis on most of these are being recent albums, last year or two. Some nee updating and will!

Noob Heavy Stoner Rock (Most popular)
Noob Heavy Australian Metal
Carcassbomb’s 2019 AOY Playlist
Zax Best Albums Of 2019
Artwork Of Adam Burke
Artwork Of Eliran Kantor
Artwork Of Luke Oram