PR Release: White Crone – The Poisoner (Traditional Heavy Metal)

White Crone – The Poisoner LP
Traditional Heavy Metal/Doom/Blues
Based in Portland, Oregon
Release: 22 February 2020

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“Lisa Mann made a career as an award winning blues artist, but never lost her love of metal music. Growing up in the mosh pits of the 1980’s, she was inspired by bands such as Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Black Sabbath, Manowar, Dio and more. A mostly one-woman project, White Crone is a love letter to this grand era of metal, and a lyrical homage to mystical storytelling traditions of yore”

The Poisoner is the debut album from White Crone, Lisa Mann performs vocals, guitars and bass. The blues influences, her experience in the music industry combined with the great presentation and contributions of talented guests makes for a high quality sound that can easily compete with major releases. It’s an independant release with the quality of a AAA release. It’s strongly influenced by Mercyful Fate, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden but also would be perfect for fans of modern bands like Smoulder or Hela. The bass on this one is incredible and plays a prominent role in the music.

The Poisoner has received many press accolades and social media praise, more than I can update this page with.


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“I absolutely love all these songs. They have a vintage tone but feel like a breath of fresh air. And can I say, I love the bass opening to “The Poisoner”?” – Metal-Temple 10/9/10/10

“This indeed sounds like a bow before the classics and the masters that did perform them in the days of old. Lisa left nothing to chance, drums, guitars, and bass… everything sounds great” – Reflections Of Darkness 7.5/10

“The composition of the individual songs is exciting, with feel changes that take listeners down serpentine paths.” – Alternate Control