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Black Anal Goat Vomit – BAGV (Post-Black Metal)

Project started May 2019. 

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Any bands looking for art I have a list of international artists here. Looking for more Aussie artists.

If any bands wish to submit cassettes to be featured on the metal cassette part of my site shoot me an email:

The goal: To create a Noob Heavy curated online encyclopedia featuring the current bands releasing, recording and promoting. The intent of this is promote Australian metal to an international audience. Sound is just one aspect I consider at Noob Heavy, I also wish to support Australian visual artists as I develop my art resource for bands. By getting bands to network with artists, the general product of Aussie Metal can be elevated to contend with international artists on the global digital platform. A part of that goal is networking with people who have skills that can be of service to bands and of educational value to the practitioners. Such as university initiatives for free recording sessions or things along those lines. 

The process: by using the Metallum and word of mouth, I worked through a list of over 2500 Australian metal bands. Painstakingly assessing their suitability for this project one by one until I narrowed it down to a supreme list of around 500 – 700. For this new list I listen more intently, to multiple or all releases, research the history and search out live shows. I reach out to the bands for stories and quotes to personalize each entry. This is a digital project but I would definitely entertain the idea of turning into a book once it’s “complete”. This won’t just boringly chronicle our music scene, I’m looking for the crazy stories, the strange gigs and the frustration of modern living in Australia. As a writing major, our third year allows us to work on a personal project and I’m considering making this it (If the uni will allow). So it’s not just about the music, the art and my writing for me. My academic grade and general competence will come under scrutiny within the educational system. 

The thesis: Australia is kind of a fucked and awesome place in many ways. It’s hard to start a band, it’s even harder to maintain having a band let alone being successful. Unemployment is up and Australian government outsources much of the work, home ownership and business opportunity. A lot of us just can’t get instruments. Due to the restrictions on import we cannot easily access most international content except for some of the streaming. To get a cassette I want that costs 15 dollars AUD, will cost me 40 to just get it here. On top of all of this, as a nation we are experiencing a significant cultural cringe wherein we have no real original identity beyond the indigenous people we screwed over and sports/beer culture that took it’s place. A country without identity must borrow one. The alternative scenes almost entirely spawned from watching overseas bands with a sense of burning desire to do what the are doing. We just don’t have the labels and resources to make it happen. Here is where thousands of brilliant ideas die before ever leaving this country, these are the things I am looking for. It’s not all bad though, there’s some very unique gigs and experiences to be had in Australia and we are very much known for our sense of humor about everything.