Album Review: Mortiferum – Disgorged From Psychotic Depths 8 (Death Doom)

Written by Carcassbomb

  • Mortiferum
  • Disgorged From Psychotic Depths
  • Death Doom/Funeral Doom
  • Washington, USA
  • October 11, 2019
  • 8/10

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I had an epiphany during the opening track, “Archaic Vision Of Despair”, that death doom is supposed to be a combination of death metal into doom metal but in reality it’s mostly death growls over doom instrumentals. Well in this case the instrumentation brings a strong sense of death riffery but with a sludgy twist. It feels old school, it reminds me of some solid shit out of the late 90s and early 00s of death doomdom. Like all good music, this sounds like descending into the mouth of madness. Well, madness is a mixed bag.

Artwork by the band’s guitarist Chase Slater

This is shredding doom as opposed to the more common melody or drone driven doom, there’s a dark hostile vibe to it. With that said, this guitarist does love tremolo picking which when used in abundance is my least favourite guitar technique when it comes to death and shreddery. It’s most effective when used in combination with melody which this album is largely devoid of. Apart from the occasional acoustic segment or crescendo like scales.

As exciting as the prospect of the opening track is, this album does feel long and churning. Perhaps it’s the attention span of the modern age or perhaps we’ve been overstimulated by fantastical performances by the like of Infant Annihilator and Cattle Decapitation. It just doesn’t feel like it fills any kind of absence or craving, it’s been tough as nails in terms of sludge over the past couple of years. There’s plenty of competition for this style. Die hard fans of funeral doom like Ahab’s Call Of The Wretched Sea or if anyone ever fucked with the experimental funeral project Aarni, will be comforted by this new favorite album. It’s also sure to excite newcomers to the genre wondering where to go from Bell Witch

Profound Lore Records

The artwork is definitely an intriguing piece, this is an aspect where the band does compete well as I’m sure this cover will stay in memories for a while. It’s almost a work of magic, a very jarring unnatural framing combined with a sense of claustrophobia obscuring the way to some vague possibly foreboding but open landscape. It’s a portal of some kind. Has anyone read The Southern Reach Trilogy (the first, Annihilation was turned into a bad movie)? This cover reminds me the sort of portal through which Control enters Area X by the ocean (without using the main giant portal at the border). Ah no one fucking cares. Lmao.

Overall I like it, I don’t love or hate it and I can absolutely put this on while I’m doing other things. It’s easy to lose track of if you’re doing literally any other thing at the same time. It peaks pretty hard at the start, middle and end with time between. The old Configuration A. I guess I’ve learned today that I prefer long form metal to have more melody because the moment some does shine through, it catches my attention. It’s also worth noting that this is the bands debut album so I’m sure they’re going to keep putting out better and better music.

This album is basically a giant abhorrent creature that’s born of putrid blood, travels a long distance (I’m thinking tank treads) to obtain some esoteric power, travels a long distance again and finally, destroys civilisation.


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