Click the image or text to go to that band’s gallery which also has music and social links. if you want me to come photograph a show. I generally photograph bands I enjoy but I try to emphasis the openers and supports, I often miss headliners. I will often leave a bit of a review… I guess this is a live music blog inside of my website.

Anyway, I practice taking photos as weekly as I can at Tomcat’s (FB) in the Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Tomcat’s is keeping free shows alive, with heaps of alt/rock/stoner/punk shows with zero entry fee and other amusements such as pool, arcade and most importantly, a smoking deck (no security clearance needed). I’m always happy to meet up there about site-wide matters such my Australian Heavypedia / Noob Heavy Australia (YT) / Esoteric Tapes or PR hiring. Probably before midnight eh? Shout out to my 3am warriors, may you make it home safely.

All images should be downloadable like any other photo, no security or anything. Just a discreet watermark for my IG/FB.

Weekly Free Shows @ Tomcat’s Brisbane 27/09/19

Crowbar Brisbane