How To Spot Shithead Bands

A quick guide on how to identify fascist, NSBM or other shitheads. Scroll below this low effort screenshot. This is just for team use, not a legitimate article.

Using the most obvious example, Burzum, here’s some red flag and places to look to confirm whether they are shitheads. The Metal Archives can do a lot for this.

First off. Wikipedia NSBM and note some of the names and definitions.

  1. Lyrical themes: Philosophy and “Hate” or Heritage can signify a red flag in this field. Reading the lyrics can help but do this as a last result as it’s the hardest way to determine.
  2. If they are an artist with a lot of controversy then the bio will often document this. This can be an easy way to confirm a red flag.
  3. If this information is not easily gleaned then click on the label page and follow the link to see their roster. If there’s any blatant shithead bands on there then that’s a red flag
  4. One of the easiest ways to find out is to look at the previous bands of the members and apply these same red flag tools to those bands. This will determine if bands have dodgy side projects or used to be in shithead bands
  5. If you click the “related links” segment, you can easily find their socials. A lot of smaller bands will post their influences frequently. IF their influences are like Burzum and shit then red flag. Often it will be on a members personal page. Sometimes you can see who is admin of a FB page, this profile is usually a member of the band.
  6. If ever in doubt you can try googling “*band name* controversy” or “*label name* controversy” and this should bring up any articles of that nature.

We are looking for more than one red flag or an overwhelming confirmation. Many bands will claim to be apolitical, this is a nothing term and may be suspicious. “Make black metal dangerous again” is another suspicious terminology. In terms of black metal, the country’s France, Poland, Australia and Norway seem to be hotspots. Plenty of one man bands coming out of America too but that’s a matter of population I think.

Maybe make a basic checklist from all this. As an exercise, you can research the black metal bands on this site. Let me know if anything looks dodgy and I will leave a note in the article and lower it’s score. I might add to this as I discover more tools.

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