My NYOP review column at Toilet Ov Hell “Free Flush”

Here’s a list of Bandcamp albums that are Name Your Own Price (free). It’s encouraged to support the bands if possible but I know it’s not possible for all of us. If you want one added comment below and I’ll check it out. If you encounter any that are no longer free then comment below!

Quality: EPs, LPs and Splits only. No demos (unless of EP quality), promos, singles etc. I must like the album, or know people who would love it. Also most of these albums LOOK good too. There won’t be half arsed music or bad bedroom recordings, there is however a section for filthy lofi weird ass madness.

Year: All albums on this page are 2020 releases, there may be a re-release or two that I didn’t realise otherwise it should all be new originals. Each year will be a new page. I no longer support the “all time” because it made editing this page slow to load with so much going on.

Genre: While I like all of these albums, not everyone will, so they’re split up.

Metal – Death, Black, Doom, tech death, deathcore, progressive metal, thrash.

Core – This is primarily post hardcore, hardcore and mathcore. All of which are genres with a lot of variety and eccentricity. Personally my favorite category due to the creativity going on.

Stoner – There’s a lot of stoner rock and doom for free on bandcamp and I didn’t want it putting off the people looking for something heavier or vise versa.

Filth – This is raw black metal, devastating grindcore, lofi sludge, noise, slam… I don’t even know what. It’s munted, random and just for you, you degenerate.


Blood Music – Avant garde, black metal
Everlasting Spew – Death, doom, grind (backlog)
Hypnotic Dirge Records – atmospheric black metal
MarkovSoroka – Death, doom, Tchornobog
Tank Crimes – grindcore, hardcore and various
Topillo Records – Stoner rock/doom
Vigor Deconstruct – Black metal and odds


Doomed And Stoned In The Netherlands

Ghost Cult Magazine – Crushing Underground Compilation Vol. 1

Transcending Obscurity 2020 Label Sampler


Abstract Form(s) – Abstract Form(s)
(Deathcore, America)

Aseptic – Cascading Fluids
(Death Metal, America)

Asgrauw – IJsval
(Black Metal, Netherlands)

Azoth – Magnitude Of Extinction
(Post black, America)

Bemangled – Laceration Revelation
(Blackened death grind, America)

Bladecatcher – Eidolon
(Progressive death/thrash, America)

Block War – Void Of Power
(Thrash/Hardcore, America)

Bloodstate – New Reign Of Power
(Thrash, Russia)

Bois Mange Crève – Bois Mange Crève
(Atmospheric black, France)

Castle Freak – Savage Nights Of The Castle Freak
(Deathgrind, America)

Celestial Vault – Solar Throne
(Post black/hardcore, France)

Cheerful Grievers – Collection Of Loss
(Post Metal/Gothic metal, Germany)

Clayshaper – Celestian + Discog
(Melo death, Sweden)

Coag – Power Violence Vol III
(Death/Grind, Belgium)

Cold Blood – Self Help
(Metallic hardcore, Australia)

Conjureth – Foul Formations
(Death metal, America)

Corpselium – Horror Vault
(Atmospheric black/doom, United Kingdom)

Cult Of Madness – Insanity
(Melo Death, Russia)

Deeformis – Stranger
(atmospheric black, Israel)

Denial – The Privilege Of Ignorance
(Metallic hardcore, Australia)

Despairer – Unburdened
(Death/Crust, America)

Despise – No Fault But My Own
(Metalcore/Hardcore, America)

Deterior – An Offering
(Doom/Post, America)

Dukkha – Dukkha
(Avant Garde black, Canada)

Dungeon Crypt – Twilight Of the Stone Age
(Death doom, Czechia)

Dzö-nga – Thunder In The Mountains
(Atmospheric black, America)

Eminent – Lunar
(Progressive Death, America)

Enkindu – To The Shadow
(Melodic metal, Australia)

Ergodic – Ergodic EP
(Tech Death, America)

Faitheater – Perdition
(Death/Hardcore, Australia)

Fakecivil – Resistensi Musik Bejat
(Thrash, Indonesia)

Feminazgul – No Dawn For Men
(Antifash black, America)

Forced Neglect – The Poison Of The Fang
(Death Thrash, America)

For The Crown – Forging The New Era
(Melo Death, Finland)

Galactic Mechanics – The Ominous Quadrant
(Tech Death, America)

Ghosts In Gold – Glorious Illumination
(Atmospheric black, Unighted Kingdom)

Golconda – Eleven
(Prog/Experimental, Hungary)

Graveripper – Complete Blinding Darkness
(Black speed, America)

Grógaldr – Disinterred Graves of Saints
(Black metal, America)

Haemic – Forum Galactica
(Tech death, Hungary)

Habitual Gloom – The Chronic Plague
(Deathcore, America)

Hatebound – Shades Of Madness
(Black/Hardcore, Russia)

Haapoja – Mullan Keskeltä + Discog
(Prog black/Hardcore, Finland)

Hostile – NEgative Life
(Black/Hardcore, Germany)

Hybrid Moon – Evolve
(Thrash/Death, Spain)

Indemne – Inexorable Sentencia
(Death/Thrash, Chile)

Insurreal – FEAR
(Raw melodeath, America)

Kassad – London Orbital
(Post black, Canada)

Krepitus – Dialectic
(Death/Thrash, Canada)

Masaya – Masaya
(Black/Hardcore, Austria)

Mestizo – Nuestro Legado
(Prog death/groove, Costa Rica)

Meurtrières – meurtrières
(Trad metal/punk, France)

Mind//Mind – I
(Sludgecore, America)

Molested Divinity – Unearthing the Void
(Brutal Death, America)

Moon And Azure Shadow – Age of Darkness and Frost (remastered)
(Blackgaze, America)

Nebulium – Grow
(Prog death, America)

Necro-Cannibal Machinery – Flock
(Melo death/folk/post hardcore, Finland) 

Necurat – Brimstone
(Black/Death, Germany)

Nyctophilia – Dwelling In The Fullmoon Light (Re​-​mastered)
(Atmospheric Black, Poland)

Occlith – Gates, Doorways, and Endings
(Sludge, America)

Overstayer – When The Teacup Breaks
(Thrash/hardcore, America)

One Vote For Violence – Desolation
(Deathcore, America)

Paingiver – Deorum Mortis
(OSDM, America)

Psalmtanic – Psalmtanic Verses
(Progressive Black, Norway)

Putrescent Seepage – Dead And Demented
(Brutal Death, Australia)

Rotten Pork – Trve MisanTropical DeathGrind
(Brutal death, Mexico)

Sacrificing Ellen – The Deliverance
(Blackened deathcore, America)

Sallow Moth – The Larval Hope + discog
(Tech Death, America)

Sarcous – Sacred Scars
(Melodic black, America)

Scabs Off – Casket Full Of Spit EP
(Death/Hardcore, Canada)

Serpent Column – Endless Detainment + Discog
(Technical black, America)

Silver Knife – Unyielding / Unseeing
(Atmospheric black, Belgium)

Skrik – Bogey
(Metallic hardcore, Russia)

Solus – Mournival
(Symphonic black, Sweden)

Strangulation – Display Of Escalated Perversion
(Brutal Death)

The Exiled Martyr – Novum Finem
(Melo/Tech Death, America)

The Lotus Throne – Reverie
(Post/Death, Brazil)

Torn In Half – Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
(Brutal death/grind, America)

Vampiric – Supernatural Tales
(Gothic/prog metal, America)

Vegard – Bewitched by Moonlight Rituals
(Atmospheric black, United Kingdom)

Weltalter – Weltalter
(Progressive black/synth, Austria)

Wictims – Lorn Echoes
(Blackened deathcore, Czech republic)

Zyclops – Inheritance Of Ash
(Sludge/doom, America)

Zythlia – Immortality Through Quantum Suicide
(Tech deathcore, America)

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