Esoteric Tape: BOG​/​BØG Split (Sludge)

  • Hardcore Sludge/Doom
  • Australia/Canada
  • 6th July 2018

Bandcamp (Limited to 50)

This tape comes with a cool little story. So, this is a split where both bands are named BOG but one is from Australia and the other Canada, 13 000km apart. They both play an abrasive style of black sludge with a hardcore punk DIY aesthetic. Side A is two solid tracks from the Canadian band, side B is one long crawling epic from the Australian band. More people will get side A, Side B is for a niche audience or for people looking for something unique. Personally I enjoyed both a lot and as a concept the tape feels more important.

They both sound fairly similar with some seriously heavy sludge akin to bands I’ve previously covered like Cyttorak, Sunrot and Body Void. There’s also similarities or perhaps influences from dark as shit bands like Oxbow with the chaotic instruments and wounded howling vocals. Overall there’s a great variety of heavy vocals from hardcore to black metal, the shifts and overlaps between styles is always a treat. It sounds great on cassette, it’s one of those genres that seem to be elevated by the rawness and acoustics of analogue.

I think more Aussie bands should consider international splits. It’s a good way to dodge the cultural isolation of living in Australia. Might as well package with a distant band and combine local scenes digitally and via tape. It’s a brilliant idea.

Cover art by Grant Selby

No video or anything, this is too obscure.

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