Album Review: Dreamwell – “Modern Grotesque” 8.5/10 (Post Hardcore)

It seems that screamo, or ‘skramz’, has been in a really good place over the past few years. The list of bands who’ve put out great records that broadly sit within that world is pretty endless at this point, with recent standouts including Frail Body, For Your Health and Frail Hands, to name a few. Seeking to add their name to this list with their second full-length, entitled Modern Grotesque, are the Providence-based ‘emo post skramz’ five-piece, Dreamwell. Off the strength of this record, it feels like they belong there. Modern Grotesque is an album that’s thick with a heartfelt emotion and passion. Often, this manifests as something quite visceral and abrasive, but it can also be extremely melodic and even moving at points. […]


Album Review: For Your Health – “In Spite Of” 9/10 (Post Hardcore)

There’s been a fair bit of buzz around For Your Health since their inception in 2018. A large part of this is no doubt down to their impressive work ethic. In 2019, they played some 100 shows, releasing an impressive split with Shin Guard and an EP in the same year. Last year they had even more shows planned (apparently at least 160) but these were sadly cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, hard work is all well and good, but will only get a band so far if the music isn’t there to back it up. Fortunately, the quartet’s debut full-length In Spite Of, like their shorter records before it, definitely delivers on that front. […]

2020 Albums

Album Review: The Motion Mosaic – Avant-Garbage 9.2 (Mathcore)

I’m a huge fan of post hardcore and mathcore, sometimes it even threatens to overcome even my love of metal. This is the second major release from The Motion Mosaic following up their 2016 album Samsara which is well worth a listen but is a very different release, a different part of the bands development. The ideas and experimentation are there but are looser. Now with Avant-Garbage they’ve tightened it up and turned it on it’s head. There’s nothing loose about it, this is a hard hitting yet elegant core album with all the makings of an end of year list candidate. […]


Interview With Tommy Giles of Between The Buried And Me + Australian Tour 2020

Between The Buried And Me have been a huge part of my music rotation since they first endeared themselves to me with Colors in 2007, a progressive metal masterpiece by many peoples admissions. Since then I have eagerly followed their musical journey as they refined their sound and experimented with different themes. I love a themed album and Between The Buried And Me are masters of exactly that, so I’m stoked to announce that not only are they coming to Australia for an east coast tour, but they’re doing so with an ambitious themed double set. Tickets for the shows (Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne) can be purchased here through their official website. […]