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Noob Advice: Getting The Most Out Of Bandcamp

Bandcamp is my favorite platform when researching for my articles and easily the best for underground metal of all subgenres and locations. It has many tools to provide bands and consumers. It saddens me however to see many bands not getting the full potential out of what it has to offer and not gaining any supporters. So this article aims to help bands improve their Bandcamp game, which will in turn improve their publicity and fanbase. Bandcamp is literally a promo pack, music platform, merch store and network hub in one. It’s incredible. It even has built in advertising campaigns and algorithms. […]

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Where, when and how to promote yourself.

This article should give you some idea of where to promote your music, the best times of the day to do so and how to best present your content according to the platform. It’s a lot of work but so is writing and recording an album, a lot of bands slack it when it comes to the final part of the process: promotion. I strongly recommend hiring PR because there’s affordable options that can essentially do all of this for you, or with you to increase its effectiveness and there’s also the added benefit of PR people generally being inside the industry with mailing lists that can get you coverage. Anyway, here’s what I can tell you to improve your game either way. Below is a quick overview of what’s to follow so keep scrolling. […]