Album Review: Abu Ghraib – Enhanced Torture Techniques 8.7

November 10, 2019 CarcassBOMB 0

It’s stupid how fast this grindcore is, its speedgrind. Overall I’m super impressed with Abu Ghraib as an Australian band, I originally found out about them by scouring the Metal Archives for hours searching by Australia for the Heavypedia project. I encountered Abu Ghraib and their band photo was so funny and endearing I ended up saving it “for later” which I guess is now because they’ve released a massive grind album that surpasses even their sublime memery in ability and entertainment. There was no sign of this beast earlier in the year with just a demo to their name, don’t be sleeping on this one.

Review: Ingested – The Level Above Human 8

September 28, 2018 CarcassBOMB 0

The Level Above Human is something I’ve been craving from 2018, an album with a blistering pace and full energy screaming. Something to blow your hair back, and then your scalp too. This style of brutal slam takes the blueprints set by Cannibal Corpse and fills with nuance and takes the extreme aspect as far as it can go. Often more average deathcore bands will do this to the point where it becomes flat but Ingested have surpassed that with some solid beat driven extreme metal.