Album Review: Controller – “The True Sense Of Strength Within” 7.5/10 (Hardcore)

Controller are a DIY hardcore band from Pennsylvania who released their debut full-length The True Sense Of Strength Within earlier this year. Being a completely self-released effort, it’s perhaps no surprise that this album seems to have flown pretty far under the radar for many hardcore fans, myself included. That’s a shame though, because while this record isn’t exactly the most inventive take on the genre, it’s still executed to a very high standard that should sit well with fans of respected up and comers like Thirdface and Gulch. […]


Album Review: Muscle Vest – “Live Laugh Loathe” 8/10 (Noise Rock)

Have you got 12 minutes? That’s all Muscle Vest ask for with Live Laugh Loathe. Less actually. The brilliantly titled second EP from the London-based noise rockers definitely doesn’t mess about. It follows their 2020 debut Human Resources, and picks up with much of the same raucous and angular noise rock heard on that record. Unsurprisingly then, if you like bands like The Jesus Lizard, Pissed Jeans and USA Nails, this is the one for you. […]

Ellis Heasley

Please Sir, I Want Some Core – Vol. 1

Welcome to the first ever edition of Please Sir, I Want Some Core (yes we’re actually calling it that) – a chance to spotlight some awesome releases from across the ‘core’ spectrum which may have flown under the radar a little in the year so far. The intention here is to focus on bands it seems less people are talking about, and who haven’t already been covered on the site. Some of these are obviously bigger than others, and of course this is by no means an exhaustive list, but the hope is that you might hear and love a few records you would’ve otherwise missed. Aside from some potentially quite arbitrary/snobby lines drawn where things become almost exclusively metal, I’ve tried to cast the ‘core’ net as wide as possible here, so hopefully there’s something in this list for everyone. […]


Album Review: Cruelty – “There Is No God Where I Am” 8/10 (Metallic hardcore)

Arguably starting in around 2015 with Employed To Serve’s Greyer Than You Remember, the UK hardcore scene has been on the form of its life for a little while now. Many great records have followed in its footsteps, most of them with a healthy dose of adoration for the glory days of late 90s and early 00s metallic hardcore. Cruelty’s There Is No God Where I Am is definitely another such record, and one which more than earns its place on that incredibly strong list. […]


Album Review: Ape Vermin – “Arctic Noise” 7.5/10 (Doom Metal)

After a full half-century of existence, it’s impressive that doom still seems to go down as well as it often does nowadays. While bands have of course pushed its boundaries over the years (special shout out to Elephant Tree here as surely one of the best examples), for the most part it’s stayed in pretty much the same (slow) lane of Sabbath-inspired riffs, long songs, and a general psychedelia. None of that’s a criticism – if it works, it works, and it clearly works for the North Carolina-based trio Ape Vermin. Their take on the genre definitely sits on the sludgier end of the spectrum, and draws comparisons to the likes of Conan, Slabdragger, YOB and Sleep. They first shared this with the world on 2018’s Sonic Monolith, which is now getting a follow up in the form of their brand new record, Arctic Noise. […]


Album Review: Atrium – “Constant Variables” 7.5/10 (Progressive Metal)

One of the major upsides of a solo project is that a lack of excessive cooks in the kitchen often allows for an especially high level of prolificity. That definitely seems to be the case for Atrium, the one-man project of Utah-based musician Vince Ochoa. According to Ochoa’s bandcamp, he released no less than six EPs in 2020 alone. This year though, he seems to have slowed down a little bit, with Constant Variables, out on May 7th, marking his first release of 2021. […]