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Album Review: Aversions Crown – Xenocide 7.9 (Tech Death)

Aversions Crown pretty make takes the sci fi death metal concept started by Nocturnus and applies it to deathcore. It’s a great way to create an alternative to the norm which in the case of deathcore, is a shitload of generic releases. They stand out to me with the spacey elements mixing up what could have been a more typical sound. They’re kind of the Australian equivalent of Rings Of Saturn and one of the few Brisbane based bands to sign to a major label, having caught the attention of Nuclear Blast.


2019 Albums

Album Review: Shadow Of Intent – Melancholy 8.5 (Deathcore)

After reviewing a few black metal records on this site I figured i’d change it up a bit, after all I enjoy all types of extreme metal, including deathcore. Deathcore is easily one of the most controversial extreme metal genres, because everyone has very strong opinions about it. I enjoy a great deal of deathcore myself, despite some of the more boring and generic bands and records in the genre. One of the biggest bands in the genre right now is Shadow Of Intent. Much like the genre they play, opinions on them are very divided. […]

2019 Albums

Album Review: Humanity’s Last Breath – Abyssal 9.5 (Deathcore)

This album came out of nowhere and slapped me across the face. Prior to this being released, I had never even heard this band before. But over the past week or so since it came out, I’ve been listening to it nonstop and it has quickly skyrocketed to the top of my favorite albums from this year so far. I can’t see anything else topping it as the unexpected favorite of this year for me. […]