Album Review: Param-Nesia – “Aspect of Creation” 6.9/10 (Melo Death)

There’s something in the water in Vancouver. It’s produced some phenomenal bands, especially of the metal variety in the last couple decades. Top names to come out of the city include Archspire, Unleash the Archers, Strapping Young Lad/Devin Townshend, and 3 Inches of Blood. Something about the city and its music scene makes it an ideal forge for talented and iconic metal bands. Param-Nesia, the subject of today’s review, is no exception. Let’s take a look at their sophomore effort, Aspect of Creation. […]

Death metal

Interview: Mother Of All (Progressive Death Metal, Denmark)

A couple of weeks ago, I covered the best new death metal album you haven’t heard yet, Age Of The Solipsist by Mother Of All, the Danish solo project’s first full length record. Age Of The Solipsist arrives to us officially on June 11th. The album is very eclectic as far as genres go, and the performances on the record are exceptional all around. The mastermind behind Mother Of All is Martin Haumann, today I’ll be bringing him on to dig deeper into the record! […]


Album Review: Feed Them Death – “Negative” 8.6 (Deathgrind)

If there’s any band out there that’s long overdue for a Noob Heavy feature, it’s Feed Them Death. Not only is this the third fantastic project they’ve released since contacting me in early 2020, but Void – the man behind Feed Them Death – also owns a record label called Brucia Recorrds that consistently releases some of the most abrasive avant-garde metal known to man. So yeah, it’s safe to say this one has been a long time coming. […]


Album Review: Unfathomable Ruination – “Decennium Ruinae” 9/10 (Brutal Death)

Few bands in the technical brutal death metal scene are as reliable as London-based five-piece Unfathomable Ruination. Formed in 2010, they’ve cranked out three utterly fantastic full-length albums, including 2019’s Enraged & Unbound, plus an equally solid EP. This 11-year run of quality is particularly impressive when you consider that only drummer Doug Anderson and guitarist Daniel Herrera remain from the original lineup; the band has had several personnel adjustments, including three different vocalists. They’ve never lost their signature sound, though, which is astoundingly heavy, intensely fast, and mindblowingly technical. That applies 100% to new EP Decennium Ruinae, due out on May 28, which is every bit as excellent as we would expect. […]


Album Review: Millstone – “Isle” 6.9/10 (Death Groove)

Looking to the past for inspiration and instruction is as natural in music as any other human endeavor. For instance, one of the selling points of classical music, as many elitist nerds tell me, is that it’s a continuous tradition going back hundreds of years (I’ve never heard these folks talk about the 60,000 year continuous culture of Aboriginal peoples in so-called Australia but I digress) Metal listeners have a habit of canon-worshipping-navel-gazing almost as bad as classical fans. Ask any boomer metalhead what their favorite band is and you hear a band formed any later than 1994. Annoying gatekeeping aside, many musicians in metal bands tend to be well-versed in the styles and bands that came before them and it makes for wonderful reinterpretations and synthesis of older sub-genres. Hailing from Siberia, Millstone is one such band offering up a tasty blending of many the sub-genres that originally came about in the 80’s and 90’s. […]


Album Review: Disembodiment – “Mutated Chaos” 8/10 (Death Metal)

Time to leave the beautiful but unforgiving open waves of the blue ocean and go someplace a bit…uglier. Like, waaaaaay uglier. A place that’s as grimy and full of muck and shit as any putrid swamp or sewer. Disembodiment is here to bring their debut EP Mutated Chaos to the eyes and ears of the world, and it’s not a pretty sight. It’s damn good, though. […]


Album Review: Screaming Banshee – “Pierceive” 7/10 (Prog Death)

Let’s talk about the differences between string quartets and symphony orchestras. Yes, this is an album review for a death metal band. Just hear me out for a paragraph. In the classical music world, symphonies are the expressive zenith for composers. Think of Beethoven’s monumental symphonies and the massive works of Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss. A wide range of instrumental colors and dynamics are available in the crafting of a symphony and one can make damn near any sound they want if they know what they’re doing. A string quartet on the other hand is but two violins, a viola, and a cello. A severely limited color palette compared to a symphony orchestra but ask any fan of Johannes Brahms and talk your ear off about how much music you can fit in a string quartet. Where a symphony is bombastic and emotionally over-the-top, a string quartet is often esoteric and rewards close listening to discover the music’s secrets.  […]


Album Review: Victory Over the Sun – “Nowherer” 8.7/10 (Experimental Death)

This is something else. Victory Over the Sun is a solo project of a music genius named Vivian and she accomplishes a lot with this release. I won’t be able to do it justice, due to this person having an understanding of guitar and songwriting that I just do not possess, there are dimensions I can’t see here. I’ve been playing for 15 years and still suck so bad. From the bandcamp page: “written entirely in the 17 equal divisions of the octave (17EDO) tuning system, on guitars I refretted myself”. Ok, I don’t know what that does, but this album sounds so epic. […]


Album Review: Becerus – “Homo Homini Brutus” 7/10 (Death Metal)

Quick, without thinking too deeply about it, what’s the complaint you most often hear from non-fans about extreme metal? For me, it’s this smartass gem, undoubtedly delivered in the most strident of whines: “You can’t even tell what they’re saying.” I’m pretty sure that the gentlemen of Becerus have heard that before, too, because this project exists pretty much to serve as the world’s most entertaining middle finger to that insufferable objection. […]