Aussie Metalhead Angry At Australian Media

In the wake up the Black Lives Matter protests in the US and all around the world, Australia held its own protests both in solidarity, and to seek justice for the consistently discriminated indigenous people of Australia. Racial politics aside, I’m taking a look at the Australian media’s response to it because no matter which side you stand for, this media monopoly and discrimination is insane. If I happen to highlight how racist Australia is along the way… well that is inevitable and an inalienable fact. For this my sources are some Australian media outlets but most of the sources are from the internet, where videos are harder to leave out of the news, as well as Friendlyjordies, pretty much the only Australian Politics major worth listening to – who can only exist because of having his own platform independent of Australia’s media monopoly. […]

2020 Albums

Album Review: Body Count – “Carnivore” 8.5/10 (Metalcore/Rap)

I’ll admit, I’ve listened to a lot of Body Count, as in, I’ve listened to the same album from the 90s a million times and never bothered going further or exploring their discography. So this album opened way fucking harder than I was ready for. I mean, second track around the 2:20 mark I had no choice but the throw-down – do you know how much strain that is for a 30 year old smoker? There’s a lot modern deathcore/metalcore elements that work nicely into the rap/rock dynamic. […]


Interview: Exulansis (Folk/Black Metal)

Exulansis are a post-black metal trio from Oregon here in the United States that fuse lots of folk into their sound. They released their debut full length titled Sequestered Sympathy, which I actually reviewed here on Noob Heavy. I’ve also praised it a handful of times on my socials, as well as rewarding it a spot on my best albums of the year list. I’ve never done an interview before, but I figured it’d be cool to test it out with these great folks. […]


Interview: Extinction (Eco-Slam)

Extinction is a new project best described as “eco-slam”, a genre of extreme death metal that combines their music with activism for various pro earth and humanitarian causes. The general concept is to highlight the ecological disasters caused by modern society. I had the chance to speak with the person behind Extinction about their causes and the new demo Anthropogenic Degradation of Ecosystemic Vegetation. One of the practices I find particularly interesting is the use of recycled cassettes and clothing as an eco friendly alternative to major production. The result is something a lot more personal and varied. Extinction is currently a solo project that is keen on assembling a band to take things to the next level so make sure to get in touch if you want to get involved. […]


Scott Morrison Forces Handshake and Murdoch Media Edits Video To Make Victims Look Bad

Fires are rampaging through Australia in a way the world has never seen before with the biggest flames and largest burning area to burn at once. Firefighters both on the payroll and volunteer are risking their lives to battle the inferno with many losing their lives. Meanwhile Scott Morrison, our supposed leader, was on his third holiday for the year, in Hawaii. To try and win back some good faith he gave money to some of the firefighters but not even close to enough. This insincere gesture made him hated even by those who voted for him. […]

2019 Albums

Review/Interview: Heráldica de Mandrake – Esto también pasará 8.7 (Stoner Doom)

This is one of those scenarios where you don’t understand Spanish but can identify enough words capable of setting a tone. Get ready for some psychedelic action from this Chilean doom trio that’s wet with distortion, I may have even heard an amp blow at some point – unless it’s a drum they’ve down tuned or a pedal effect. There’s a strange aspect to it that a lot of people would describe as “not music”, bordering on noise doom, but it works organically into the overall sound. It’s an interesting release made ever more so by its distinguishable album art created by the frontman Francisco Rivera who offered some insight to the story behind their art as well as their anti-fascist stance (included at the end). […]