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Here’s some of my favorite visual artists in vague order of following size. So make sure to support them on IG where applicable!

First off is Sam AlcarezInstagram – He did the amazing artwork for Bongripper‘s album Terminal last year which is one of my all time favorite albums. He does awesome D&D art for campaigns too. Here’s his latest work for Bongripper:


Luke OramInstagram – who did the artwork for the 2019 Firelink record, a dark souls themed album which he perfectly adapted artistically without infringing on Dark Souls TM, he’s a great fantasy artists with a small following on Instagram. He’s done so much work it’s hard to wrap my head around. I’ve reviewed/promoted about 6 of his works so far. He has his own category here:

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Timbul Cahyono (bvllmetalart) Instagram – I found this artist because he did the cover for the recent Paradox album by Nocturnus AD. No idea how he did the art for such a big name, and kept it true to the original artwork of NocturnusThe Key, and yet has such a small following. Click the insta link. Here’s said piece:


Heraldo Mussolini Instagram – has a style I really dig, it’s great fantasy, D&D and Magic The Gathering type drawings. Right on point as far as my interests go. Here’s his work for one of my new favorite albums, Stone of the Hapless by Grimdor:


Dr. Knudson Instagram – I posted one of his covers a while back when I reviewed Nekrogoblikon, before I had an emphasis on the artists. So here’s a retroactive credit for this wonderful cover. I really enjoy the use of shading with the blinds having a presence despite not being directly depicted. It really makes the picture more busy without cluttering it. Really effective scene:


Benjamin A. VierlingInstagram – is a painter/illustrator with quite a diverse selection of styles. Give him a follow there or check out his nicely presented website here. I recently discovered him during my short review of III by Spectral Lore. Here’s his stunning work for that album:


Rosario))) Unexpectedspectre – InstagramHas a really dark style that suits the hectic kind of music that it ends up on. I’ve been following her since reviewing Cyttorak and loving her work on that cover. Going to be stoked when I get it on cassette:


Mariusz Lewandowski – Facebook – Is one of those artists who turns up everywhere at the moment with some good art on solid albums by Bell Witch, Psycroptic, Fuming Mouth and a shit load more. A Zdsislaw Beksinski inspired art direction that always has a strong appeal to me. His work is immense.

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Alex CFInstagram –  Vocalist and artist for Archivist. Crazy talented. I reviewed all three of these I II III

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Axel TorveniusInstagram – is the art director for the company that did the recent Wolfenstein 2 game. I found out about him because of my instagram only review of Vasen by Gra, here’s that cover:


Brouemaster Visual Decay Instagram – Is best known to me for his work with Haunt but I’m definitely looking at more releases with his stuff in the future, some sweet doom looking stuff too. One of my favorites is this unreleased shirt design:


Allyson MedeirosInstagram – Is a tattoo artist who works with REZN having done the awesome Calm Black Water art and is currently working with them again on something new which is very exciting. Here’s the cover I’m obsessed with in my review of the album:


ClayshaperInstagram – Is an interesting guy, does a lot of mediums, not just visual. Makes some pretty dope music. I was introduced to his work during my interview/review (ik, weird format) with Solus. Here’s that artwork:


Muhamad Ikbal Arifin Suradi (ibayarifn)Instagram – This dude is just nuts, he did the covers both the album I reviewed by Sunrot AND Body VoidHe has a very dark style that suits sludge acts well. Here’s his piece for Body Void:


Adam BurkeInstagram – Is a very prolific artist but I mostly know him for his work on these two solid albums by Vektor and Nucleus:

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