Album Review: Graveir – Kings of the Silent World 8 (Black Metal)

Written by Colin

  • Graveir
  • Kings of the Silent World
  • Black Metal
  • Brisbane, Australia
  • April 17, 2020
  • 8/10

Ever since bands like Venom, Bathory, and Celtic Frost pioneered the genre of black metal, there have been many variations of the genre that have arisen with unique characteristics. Despite this, most variations have maintained vital characteristics that remain part of the core of black metal. One of these characteristics is bleakness.

Artwork by Daniele Serra

Bleakness is something that Brisbane, Australia melodic black metallers Graveir have done well and continue to do well on their latest effort, King of the Silent World. This album paints the world in frozen gray for its entire 56-minute duration.

The opening track “Charnel Bacchanalia” kicks off with upbeat drums and melancholic, melodic, dissonant riffing. The track quickly mellows out, becoming atmospheric as ethereal vocals kick in. Guitars maintain melancholic melody, even through tempo changes, as drums become faster and the double bass pedals beat in the background.

The second track, “Scaphism,” begins quickly and maintains loud dissonant riffing and heavy drums. This gives the track an unrelenting atmosphere of visceral anger that carries throughout the track.

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Cassette: Brilliant Emperor Records Vinyl: Impure Sounds

The rest of this album, however, seems to carry the slower melancholic tone of the first track. Not to say that that is a bad thing. Graveir certainly seem to have mastered bleak atmospheric tracks that would serve as great driving or thinking music. It has all the qualities I like in this style of black metal: an immersive and cold atmosphere, melody, and vocals that are ingrained in the music, rather than layered on top of it. However, personally I think I would have liked to hear a few more tracks that match the anger and energy of “Scaphism” peppered into the album.

In addition, I think that the album would have been a bit better served if the tracks bled into each other a little more. The abrupt ending of one track and beginning of the next is a bit intrusive in terms of the atmosphere, and I think that making the tracks fade more and blend in would make the album feel more cohesive.

I want to be clear though: the positives of this album far outweigh the negatives. Graveir are a talented band who know how to capture the brutally cold black metal. The production on the album especially helps this. Lo-fi without being too lo-fi gives the music the perfect touch it needs to complete the feeling of hopelessness that the album achieves.

King of the Silent World was released on April 17th, 2020 on Impure Sounds and Brilliant Emperor Records.


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