Album Review: Black Void Cult – “Dysphoria” 8.2/10 (Black Metal)

Written by Zax

Black Void CultDysphoria
Symphonic Black Metal from Mexico
Released July 18th, 2020
Self Release

This is the second black metal album I’ve covered in a row on this site this month, in case you were wondering what the winter does to me. Ironically enough, it hardly even gets cold here in Florida, but I digress. This is far different from last week’s pick though, it’s something much less primitive and much more epic and symphonic!


This is Black Void Cult out of Mexico and their debut record Dysphoria. They pack a lot into this record and it all works gloriously.

The first thing you’re going to notice are the symphonic elements. The opening track “Lítost” is an epic piece that incorporates pianos, orchestral elements, and choral vocals for a very epic, haunting sound. The orchestral elements and choral vocals pop up here and there throughout the rest of the record, but the piano permeates just about every track and it sounds absolutely phenomenal! Seriously, I haven’t heard a piano performance this awesome on a metal album since Equipoise’s 2019 album Demiurgus.

Not every song is quite as flashy, but what they lack in theatrics they more than make up for with some pretty legit hooks! The tracks “Weltschmerz” and “Torschlusspanik” are probably the most straightforward bangers on the record, but they are genuinely catchy! The vocalist’s very raw yet powerful delivery sells these tracks very well.

There’s also some insane guitar solos on this record! The towering smoulder and raw power of the lead work will seriously blow you away a couple of times throughout this listen! The drums also stand out, mostly due to the very refreshing use of the toms! Our drummer here seriously knows his way around the kit and doesn’t just default to kick and snare like black metal drummers so often do. My one and only complaint with this record is that I think the riffs could’ve been louder in the mix and a bit more textured.

This was a seriously unique black metal record that i had a ton of fun with. It’s a great listen, and the musicianship here is undeniable!


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