Up front I will tell you that none of us get paid for writing on this site and I (Carcassbomb the owner) went well into debt in order to make Noob Heavy what it is. I do PR to make ends meet in a part of a country with no available work, almost everything I earn from this job goes directly into keeping the site online and evolving, I will never expect one of my writers to assist me in this career path.

I do hope in the future to receive the funding or sponsorship to employ a team properly, particularly making the Australian Heavypedia its own domain. Noob Heavy is new and fueled by passion alone. I do everything I can to help my writers and contributors improve and expand on their own platforms or goals. We are a community that shares information and growth working towards similar goals (currently using Telegram). To support the underground and find ways to make our individual crafts more effective. Even people in bands with a penchant for writing are welcome to join and connect to the Noob Heavy brand.

There certainly are benefits beyond exposure and craft development, Noob Heavy receives early promos from labels and firms such as Unique Leader, Brilliant Emperor, Season Of Mist, Willowtip, Transcending Obscurity, Scarlet Records, Black Lion Records, Clawhammer PR, Against PR, Anubis Press and many more. It’s a constantly growing inbox of promos that are shared via a secure Noob Heavy Team channel. I (Carcassbomb) publish and format everything on this site, and write the majority of it, so I definitely need help keeping up with the awesome metal I get.

With that out of the way, here are some ways you can contribute (I will always give credit with hyperlinks to your socials on here and on my socials when you contribute):

  • Writing bios for bands in the Australian Heavypedia. I want to interview many bands, more than I have time to write bios and introductions for due to the nature of formatting/presenting such features. An Australian with knowledge of the scene would be prefered.
  • Interviewing bands for the Australian Heavypedia. I can reach many bands in Australia but cannot know them all. If you love Aussie metal and know a lot about the scene, I’m keen on someone helping me interview bands that I’m not familiar with.
  • Metal news reporters. I get a lot of press releases that are news about exciting upcoming albums with previews of some of the content and vital information. I’m looking for someone to read these press releases and organise them into a more original article and not just a copy paste job. I’m also happy to take non press kit news such as events within the metal community.
  • Mini review contributions for Micro doses. Short reviews with no scores that highlight a cool album, this could be a good way for people with a platform like metal podcasts or non review type websites to contribute and get cross promotion. Here’s the format – the reviews are shared individually on IG as well.
  • Reviewers for upcoming albums. This one in particular will be best suited to a uni student studying writing or someone with a good understanding of writing a review. This is the biggest focus of the site right now and puts us at the forefront of a lot the scene by being the first to review many new albums. Here’s the upcoming albums page.

There will be a trial period before new contributors will be allowed into the private channels as leaking of sensitive press information or files is just not on with Noob Heavy and I’m not willing to take risks.

Come and go as you please and contribute when convenient, but the more committed you are able to be the more progress all of us will make. I do this every day and night, it’s a lifestyle for me, I don’t expect anyone else to do the same for free, but a serious desire to develop skills and put out quality content will build a strong partnership. I will offer whatever I can to those who help me.