2019 Albums

Microdose: SAOR, Evellon, Abythic & Cannabis Corpse

I am spending December catching up on 2019 releases I’ve missed, or as every metal reviewer has said at some point – I’ve been sleeping on. Also I’m on meds that makes a full review a bit much for the first couple of weeks so this is a good way to give my thoughts without having to be methodical and academic about it. Expect this format a lot. […]

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About Us

Noob Heavy was started in April of 2019 by Carcassbomb. Over a surprisingly short time this transitioned into many projects and forms of underground promotion, eventually putting together a team from around the world united […]

Meet The Team

BAND SUBMISSIONS CLICK HERE The Noob Heavy Team Owner: Carcassbomb My pen name is Carcassbomb and I am from Brisbane, Australia. I started off by writing reviews for The Metal Archives in 2018. In 2019 […]